If you have one of the few routers that have a built in firewall, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to log into it and turn off the firewall for the purposes of troubleshooting. Similarly incoming calls can manually be answered by clicking on the little “answer” button that appears when an incoming call arrives in your Gmail account. Click on the GVMateApp traybar icon to open the browser window. As it is a different usb port, this will trigger Windows to install the low level device drivers again. Product Download Support Contact Us. If the person you are calling is complaining about hearing touchtone beeps exactly like you press on the phone keypad during a phone conversation this is a different issue.


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Should you to need to transfer an existing Google Voice gvmage number to a new Gmail account see http: Try your call again and you should see the reason your call could not complete displayed.

Gvmate app

Remember that it must have adequate power to be able to power your phone line. In this instance, it exclusively uses an unshared GVMateApp program specific browser to provide the General User Interface GUI and communicate with and use the services of one primary website.

Hvmate a test call to an xxx-xxxx number.

If your caller id still does not display, the USB port you are using is very possibly underpowered and there is inadequate power available to drive your phone line. If the microphone volume automatically appears to be adjusting itself so loud that the conversation because distorted see Microphone Volume Automatically Changes.

There are however a number of external things that can definitely contribute to choppy voice quality that are within your direct control: Make sure you are using a computer that meets the minimum specs set for the GVMateApp.


When you hear your phone ring it is ready for you to start placing outgoing phone calls. Constructive ideas and suggestions are always welcome. You can try plugging the GVMate Phone Adapter directly into a USB port on the back on your computer without an extender cable or hub to see if that port provides the needed power. Window provides this small white up arrow to display hidden traybar icons.

Click on it and then use the “customize” link provided there to change your settings to permanently display the GVMateApp little phone traybar icon. On the Google Voice ggvmate that appears, check the box that has the words “Google Chat” and your Gmail e-mail address next to it to forward your phone number to your Gmail e-mail account. The caller’s name and number will be verbally announced on your gcmate default audio device after the first ring.


Use a wired Internet connection instead of a WiFi wireless Internet connection whenever and wherever possible. If your computer meets the minimum specs, there is a bad gvnate hardware connection somewhere between your USB port and your phone.

When the GVMateApp is restarted it will do its very best to restore the browser to the location you had it when it was last used. For the purposes of troubleshooting, temporarily disable any Antivirus and Internet Security software running on your computer.


Should you to need to transfer an existing Google Voice phone number to a different Gmail account see http: There is a feature enabled in your Google Voice account that is blocking incoming calls. You MUST uninstall or at least close any previously installed programs supplied by the manufacturer used to control the USB phone device i.

You will talk and listen using your computer’s speaker and microphone. If you have problems manually placing or receiving calls from your Gmail account something external on your computer is very likely to be intentionally blocking it.


GVMate Review: Free Phone Calls Through Google Voice // TheVoIPHub

Repeated sign in attempts is an indication the GVMateApp is in a recovery loop and it is doing its very best to try to works its way through a condition it encountered. You MUST include the following details in your email message; otherwise, your request will be ignored. If the digits you are dialing do not match what is shown in the little dialer window for whatever reason, see the troubleshooting section above on Some Dialed Digits Missed.

If you have the browser already open when placing calls it will remain open when you hang up. Automated Extension Digit Dialing Make sure your cordless phone is fully charged and you are within a reasonable distance from the cordless base station. If you have one of the few routers that have a built in firewall, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to log into it and turn off the firewall for the purposes of troubleshooting.

If the name cannot be located in your online Contacts or Speed Dial list if you have the Professional version the caller’s location state or country is displayed.

Calls arriving from telephone numbers in the Priority Call Table in the Features Dashboard will be given a double call waiting tone beep. E Emergency Calling – Optional When you are already on a call and a new call arrives you will hear a short call waiting tone beep every 10 seconds.

For the purposes of troubleshooting, unplug ALL the usb devices from your computer in case one is causing some type of installation conflict.