Popular songs, as well as song texts, were composed and performed by youths engaged in chuangzuo. Despite their reputation, careers, economic status or moral supports noted during the interviews, their ideas and concepts in music potentially show how music is understood by them, and how valuable chuangzuo is for them. Normally the laoge were typically arranged with accompaniment of piano, guzheng or soothing backup vocals in the tango, rhumba or cha-cha beat. Popular songs are performed by local troupes dressed in Western clothes and accompanied by an electric-guitar band, as the repertoire ranges from commercial Manda-pop, Canton-pop, Hokkien popular songs to English pop as to cater the taste of young people Tan S. Third, distribution of tasks is clear among members. In fact, it is more interesting to discover the incorporation of eclectic musical styles in chuangzuo.

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In addition, mini concerts have becomes a trend in the music scene as popular artistes deliver performance around the town in conjunction with yuat promotion of music albums. Nowadays, the settings of modern kotai transform with the resemblance of a night club show which is equipped with the karaoke system and fancy lightings. The Wanderers has gained a high profile as an active gongzuofang through its constant chuangzuo activities and active collaboration with other chuangzuo organisations.

The description of the musical materials includes performance of music, musical style and instrumentation, while the analysis examines the tonal structure, the metric structure, the formal structure and the text structure.

Although there are members who attain music knowledge in certain area, many do not have music background. Malay-pop artistes are often invited to perform at official functions and the launch of Pesta PulauPinang [Penang Festival]. It is sung in similar or different huxt text from the original verse and the length is normally irregular.


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In the s, it was incorporated into Malay cinema, and thus it was better choreographed as the contemporary type Mohd Anis Nor The secondary setting of the fieldwork is based on related song-writing competitions, concerts and music camp, which were held in Nog and Kuala Lumpur.

Membership is open to all people in the public, and it is free of charge. It is believed that this is the way to form an entertainment package, which formulates the live performance in chuangzuo. With the application of the recently advanced method in information technology, there is also a trend where people engaged with chuangzuo record their own music albums at home.

heng ong huat mp3

Organisational awareness is often publicised. It is found that in this discussion, we are unavoidably to consider ,p3 impact of pan-Chinese popular music, while chuangzuo possibly searches for an integrating trail into the pan-Chinese popular music scene. The origin of kotai [pronounced in Hokkien dialect, or getai in Mandarin, literally means song stage] is dated back to the pre- and post-World War II era. Furthermore, issues in Malaysian socio-politics were also the concern of composers in Huanghuo.

With the awareness of the controversy that may occur to the gongzuofang, certain names of organisation were made obscure intentionally. Related articles on newspaper and magazines are also kept as reference [also listed in the bibliography].

As the Japanese-influenced Minnan songs were rejected by students and intellectuals, theme songs from local Mandarin films led juat popular trend. Fusion or syncretic music Matusky and Tan of local ethnics is commonly performed during official functions.

Heng Ong Huat

After the war, another brass band [by Chung Hwa Alumni], a harmonica band and an orchestra [at Chung Ling High School in ] were formed. However, due to the controversy in a situation that exists in one of the studied gongzuofang, pseudonyms were used instead as requested by a few informants and respondents.


Thirdly, attempts to publish or sell music compositions are increasing. The Chinese Studies, generally defined as Sinology, is traditionally associated with universities and organised as an academic discipline in a department of Chinese Studies or as a component of Asian Studies or Oriental Studies. np3

What social identity is constructed through the operation of gongzuofang? The discussion of musical identity involves elements of cultural fusion in chuangzuo and amateurish characteristics in chuangzuo.

heng ong huat mp3

The relationship of henv in each level [committee members and ordinary members] is possibly identified. Hopefully, this study would become a reference for making future cultural policy in Malaysia.

Despite the music repertoire above, performance of boria, bangsawan and 24 jielinggu are often transmitted in public. Besides, active members often search for ways of selling compositions to local or overseas record companies. Present members are students of various academic fields, such as chemistry, mass communication, the social sciences and mathematics, but, paradoxically, none has a major in the bachelor music course.

But if chuangzuo substantially represents the concerns of the contemporary people or the culture, it can, as I suggest, still be considered authentic music.

These human factors contribute various points of view that build up the interpretation of chuangzuo. The second and third National Halo Song-writing Competitions were organised in and respectively.

Among these, 63 songs are from the Wanderers and 35 songs are from the CZMusic.