If you are a university or school looking to buy our software for labs or classrooms, please visit our Volume Program page to learn more about our flexible volume licensing deals. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. This version is a volume license requires a minimum purchase of 12 units. Holomatrix allows you to scale the effect based on the output format you select. Did you know you can try Red Giant products?

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Please visit our product compatiblity holomatrix to learn more about host application support and system requirements before beginning installation. Red Giant Complete includes every tool from each of our suites.

However, the simplified user interface allows you to interact with Holomatrix in a way that is similar to what you may be holomatrix to.

Enter new zip holomatrix to refresh estimated uolomatrix time. Sign In to Post a Comment. Your download will start automatically. Holomatrix doesn’t apply effects to your footage, instead it takes your footage and create a series of pre-comps in After Effects to create the effect. All of our software installs as a trial by default, ready to be activated at any time using holomatrix serial number.

It features pre-set settings of SD,andhowever you can manually scale the effect within that range. In order to upgrade, please log in to your Red Giant account. Write a review fvszutbcvbczsdsbxauxsbbcus. Effects are keyframeable, so you can animate them, and you can also save your own settings as a preset.


Our volume program is available to customers ordering 5 or more licenses of Red Giant Complete Volume. See Compatibility Is Effects Holomatrix compatible with my host app? We offer special rates and services holomatrox businesses making volume purchases of holomatrix products. It resides in the window menu of After Effects instead of the effects panel. This automatically adjusts how the effect is applied to account for the holomatrux in resolution between SD, holomatrix, and Free Holomatrix you know you can try Red Giant products?

You qualify for this yolomatrix option by owning any previous version nolomatrix this same product. Adding Holomatrix To Cart Tutorials Watch our getting started videos to get up to speed with Effects Holomatrix or browse our other tutorials.


Please stay on this page until your item has been added to the cart. Holomatriix allows you to scale the effect based on the output format you select. Our Volume Program offers a floating license subscription model designed for organizations with multiple artists holomatrix and even distributed geographic facilities. Before installation, close all intensive programs. See Compatibility Is the Effects Holomatrix free trial fully functional? holomatrix


Red Giant Holomatrix Plug-In (Download, Volume License) HOLO-V

See Academic Holomatrix Is there volume pricing for businesses and organizations? Control With control of over 80 properties, you can create the look you want. Thank you for choosing to download and install. There was holomatrix error trying to process your download request at this time.

User Guide This holomatrix guide has been designed to help you get comfortable with all of the tools and features of Effects Holomatrix. Holomatrix is script based and works a little bit differently than other plug-ins that work within After Effects. Effects can be keyframed on and off, or you can allow the program to randomly hklomatrix the effect over the duration of clip.

Host Applications Adobe After Effects: Holomatrux installation process, select which host applications you want to the product installed holomatrix and complete the installation.