Did you actually receive yours? A small detail crossed my eye: August 22, at 7: I am using this font in a new brochure and the account exec wants to see some of the copy in italics. That is feels like padding to the incentive offer rather than a usable typeface. A sad day for me, I confess. This is strongly reminiscent for me of Albertus, a Berthold Wolpe face Koch disciple , for all the right reasons.

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Hypatia — long may she reign!

I wanted to pass on that the kerning between the hyphen and numbers looks inconsistent to me. Swns 22, at May 1, at 4: Do you have any recommendations for which italic font Pto should substitute while waiting for the italic version to be released? And in caps, the width of the H and the crossover of the W, in comparison to the slender swooping of the J, and firm stance hypatia sans pro font M. We wanted to simply give the italics out at no additional charge to everybody who has downloaded the upright weights as part of the registration incentive.

May 2, at 4: April 17, at 2: Fomt love this font! April 16, at 9: In other words, you can furnish a copy of the fonts to ensure that your job is printed accurately, but the printer must have its own font license. Failing that, perhaps one of the other readers of this blog will embrace your suggestion.


Did you actually receive yours?

Download free Hypatia Sans Pro Bold font |

September 13, at 1: Now sams CS4 is shipping with the registration bonus of Sanvito, is there still any hope of getting Hypatia italic?

The new font looks great! Finally for the last four months or so I kept on feeling like it was basically there, and we were just doing tiny fine tuning. That I came up with a woman to name it after was a bonus.

Simple, clean and professional. I just designed a large format photo book using Hypatia Extra Light and Light.

Hypatia Sans Pro Windows font – free for Personal

Will adjustments continue until the italics are released? But as our fonts become ever larger and more complex, eliminating all bugs prior to ship becomes nigh impossible. As an aside, may I plead for the resurrection of Barbou? Prl was sad about this myself. I always thought the lowercase Albertus was particularly weak given the superb uppercase, and if I recall my research, Albertus was derived pdo copper engraving styles versus stone methods or stone simulacra for some other faces, like Neuland.

Sorry to get so far off topic in this space. The Adobe pgo license agreement requires that a printer have its hypatia sans pro font copy of any Adobe fonts you are providing for a print job. You may notice the lack of italics in the registration incentive.



And of course it has bold, thought type purists would blanch at the thought. March 29, at 5: Perhaps some other reader will have an idea. Also the curve on the back side of the y lends a softness to the exit of a word. June 4, at 7: Hypatia Sans commits neither of those mortal sins, merely hypatia sans pro font venial sins of doing the same thing with two different features, and duplicating in a stylistic set something that reasonably can be handled elsewhere.

Many bugs we will fix without much concern, but anything that seems like it might cause widespread reflow will make us think twice. It would have been nice if those of us who received the Hypatia Sans pack with CS3 hypagia, were informed when the italics version was released.