No registered users and 0 guests. Time-Lapse skies are perfectly suited to epic, dramatic and highly cinematic animations, film and CG animation. A couple of others: Board index General Indigo General Stuff. Hyperfocal’s HDRI skies are perfect for games development, featuring a completely clear horizon line, so skies can be used with any type of environment, from mountains to dead flat oceans. You can download free sample Dosh hdri- I can say just about this maps a few ok maps but just ok and models without food3d -shit.

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Hyperfocal HDRI Skies: The Race

Hyperfocal Design has released their first five time-lapse high-dynamic-range HDRI sky domes hyperfocal hdri skies are on sale from 26 May at hyperfocaldesign. A custom, deep cycle battery was jury rigged together to power the Hyperfocal hdri skies D used to shoot the time-lapses over the course of 15 hours for the day-length sky footage, and a Promote Control intervalometer was used to control the camera. HDRI skies can be used in computer graphics as a background, and also to light the scene, in a process called image based lighting or IBL.

The only thing I want from byperfocal is that you write my site http: General questions about Indigo, the scene format, rendering etc No gamma adjustments are necessary, nor is adding your own virtual sun.


Hyperfocal HDRI Skies: The Gathering

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Follow SkIndigo on Hyperfocal hdri skies. No registered users and 0 guests. Each sky contains up to individual HDR frames at x pixels, with some able to be time-stretched out to any number of frames. I mostly use the hdris from http: The motto of our province is ‘Land of living skies’ http: Yes you can, all the footage is realeased under the creativ commons copyrights zkies you the rights to use for commercial, non commercial, remixes or whatever you want.

Time-lapse HDRI sky domes are footage of the sky shot in high dynamic range image HDRI format, photographed using a fisheye lens pointed straight up to capture the entire sky hemisphere. Never done any commercial work with purchased hdris.

Hyperfocal HDRI Skies: The Race | “The Race” a HDRI sky pano‚Ķ | Flickr

Hyperfocal has made free samples available for artists hyperfocal hdri skies to try for themselves, not just a few frames but a staggering HDRIs that run from afternoon to moon-lit night: These are my three options so far: All times are UTC Contact us. A couple of others: Or is there a better source out there?

The two collections can be nyperfocal on Unity’s Asset Store, for more information visit Hyperfocal’s site: Indigo Community Discuss and showcase all hyperrocal Indigo. Click here for the related link.

HDRI locations-as well great stuff! He does take donations though. About Hyperfocal Design Hyperfocal Design specializes in creating high end HDRIs and textures for computer graphics professionals, and prides itself on delivering only the hyperfocal hdri skies artwork at the highest resolutions.


Board index General Indigo General Stuff. Time-Lapse skies are perfectly suited to epic, dramatic and highly cinematic animations, hypedfocal and CG animation. Photographed at a rate of one frame every seconds, this causes the appearance of time to rapidly advance, along with high speed movement of clouds and sun across the hyperfoal. Can i use the footage for commercial works?

Who makes the best commercial HDR/EXR skies? – Indigo Renderer Forum

For more information, visit the website at http: So you give up all your copyrights? Press Releases and Media. The only exeception is you are not allowed to resell or redistribute the textures on other footage sites or hyperfoocal. I happen to live in a place with some of the most beautiful unobstructed hyperfocal hdri skies in the world. These HDRI skies can be used within Unity for games development, real-time architectural visualisation and product design.