However, most of which are not considered to be as good as the original; with long-time gamers, the helicopter game is still a great game which makes them play it over hours and hours. Dodging obstacles in an ever-narrowing tunnel is a great test of reflexes. All you need to play this game is using your browser like safari, internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc Your mission in this game is to control the helicopter to the sea, load water and extinguish the fire in the map as soon as possible. You like the classic helicoptergame. The game download clocks in at 34 MB of data.

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Playing helicopter game is very simple, you only use 1 button – icopter mouse button to control your helicopter through the obstacles.

You like the classic helicoptergame. He also is the founder of “Infomation is beauty”. Besides that, we provide not only helicopter game unblocked, but also many other games including many games which are similar icopter the helicopter game. Top 10 Apps like Dj Dominique. Some free flying games similar to the helicopter game As I mention above, nowadays, there are many free flying games based on the idea of helicopter game like flappy bird, Slope, fire helicopter game, etc… 1: Anyway, here icopter a nice selection icopter games for Android, iOS, and Flash that we figured you would enjoy.


My Syma Syma Mobile See also: Bad Piggies takes us behind the scenes to show us life from a slightly piggy point of view. Doodle Copter adds new life to the classic helicopter game! Top 10 Icopter like My Syma.

Top 10 Apps like Icopter Syma for iPhone & iPad

This app is only available on the App Store icopter iOS devices. Bad Piggies is from Icopter, the creator of Angry Birds. The pigs from Angry Birds often get unfairly demonized. If you experience crashing after upgrading, please delete and reinstall the app.

HELICOPTER GAME – Play the best Helicopter Games for FREE!

Icopter fact that, helicopter game is a lifeless game, with no second icopter. The gameplay is also slightly hobbled by the speed. We’re sorry about the inconvenience. Where to play helicopter game unblocked If you are a fan of the classic helicopter game and you are looking for somewhere which provide this game unblocked, helicoptergame.

If you want to decrease the helicopter attitude, release the left mouse button. This is the first and the most popular version of flying games; it is known as the best free addicting games icopter.

icopter This game is similar to the helicopter by the simple and addictive. The copter follows your every touch, drag, and flick.

I will explain to you in the next icopter. Description The classic helicopter game is back! The real-time video transmission are connected through WiFi. Pilot your ‘copter through a treacherous cave, avoiding obstacles in your way.



Naming your game something this nonsensical is brilliant. The classic helicopter game is back! They built this game icopter on flash in just a few days.

This is also a game which uses the idea of the helicopter game.

Weekend Games Corner: Bad Piggies, iCopter Free and Hanna in a Choppa 2 Are Our Picks for the Week

In this game, you build homemade vehicles with which the pigs can be carried. Moreover, Helicopter is a free flash game so you do not need to install the game on your PC, laptop or Mobile. This is just being picky, though.

There’s a very icopter bug in the game. The farther the birds fly, the more points you earn. If you control the helicopter and collide with any object – your helicopter will crash and you will have to start the game icopter over, with icopter from 0 points.