Wish it had names with icons. However, smileys are quite small even for a note 3 but tolerable. But somehow saved history seems to stop working. That aside, been using it for years, and still like it. Some problems with my contacts receiving messages. I’d like it a lot more if it synced message history between devices, and I’d pay more too Muito bom! Facebook stopped working a couple days ago.

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Nexus 5, current Android version A Answer would be in+ This is apo best IM client for Android. Android 5 UI problem One cannot close or edit other setrings of your app on Android 5 since it doesn’t have “menu” button in it’s im+ pro 6.5.9 apk I’m on Samsung galaxy edge and this problem is very annoying. In order to I’m someone have to just start clicking icons until I find the right person.

Otherwise great app is great for chatting on many various networks simultaneously.

IM+ Pro Old Versions for Android | Aptoide

Reply to Aptoide Bot Bom so faltou o Whatup. Mixed feelings about this Doesn’t show my contacts in fact it says I have no contacts when I do, dunno im+ pro 6.5.9 apk I feel. Reply to Aptoide Bot Excelente e leve. Follow implus on Twitter and Like www.


Several of us utilize the chat function for quick communication. See More Communication Apps. Emoticons should be more or should be able to integrate with emoticon apps like Bitmoji. Just I dont know why I paid akp it. There’s only two things wrong I don’t like.

Facebook stopped working a couple days ago. Outdated UI but still the appk Update to material ui please. Lately I haven’t been able to upload voice messages. Great dependable jabber and aim client though. Below im+ pro 6.5.9 apk may find the list of other amazing features which will definitely take your mobile IM experience to the next level: However, smileys are quite small even for a note 3 but tolerable. I emailed the developer several times never got a response, I believe this app was abandoned.

Be warned, don’t buy this app because you’ll be passed when it doesn’t connect to Facebook Chat even though it claims to. But somehow saved history seems to stop working.

IM+ Pro 6.2.3 APK

The only downside is that it doesn’t stay connected for long if it’s minimised. Face i+ Face book account does not work any more. One thing i really hate in this: So far the only way to shut it up is to force stop the app.

Update happy wheels instalikes itube dj liker happy chick.


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I bought the pro version to support the authors as well as to have access to secure OTR messageing. Reply to Aptoide Bot just the app i need. Works great when it works Normally an okay app however last few weeks I am having long periods of being unable to connect to AIM despite no network problems and traditional messenger system working on desktop. Far more dependable than the much better ui Conversations jabber app. Decent Only app like it that consistently works on my phone and tablet.

In the past few months Facebook would intermittently not connect requiring to delete and re add account. Update broke some things The recent update broke im+ pro 6.5.9 apk things. Not really sure what the “bug fixes” the update supposedly fixed, since it seems to have added a couple big ones.

This app is awesome.