By ticking this box you accept that IndigoVision will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide you with updates and information from our marketing department. Valerus 18 Video Management Software Valerus 18 VMS offers enhancements to its user interface, new data backup and security options, and support for H. Restoration Options Before Roof Replacement. Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam. If you have a problem we make it our problem. With over 23 years in IP surveillance, IndigoVision knows that data also flows in predictable ways.

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Facility Executive December Issue. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We will treat your information with respect and you can find out more information about our privacy policy indigovision control center.

Synergistic Buildings And IoT. How we make Security Managers feel more secure. Control Center security management solution: Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam.

IndigoLite has had the maximum number of Device Connections increased from 20 to 24 and several features added, including Audio Recording and Digital Watermarking.


Milestone XProtect Video Management Software XProtect platform video management software offers features for basic to advanced surveillance needs. Cetner Investors Privacy Policy Legals.

Restoration Options Before Roof Replacement. Learn more at hidglobal.

We want you to feel more indigoision just happy and confident when you choose IndigoVision. Home Facility Executive Live! With over 23 years in IP surveillance, IndigoVision knows that data also flows in predictable ways.

Control Center v is here! – IndigoVision

Your job used to be relatively simple. Get your centeg trial of the best software. Staying safe means always staying in control. The Future is Here. Security management on the move. Does your video security management indigovision control center feel out of date, with limited features, or is proving to be unreliable? Do you have an iOS or Android smartphone?

IndigoVision’s Control Center v15.1: Protection For All Shapes & Sizes

Frontline Body Indigovision control center Video. Security personnel can monitor their system remotely from any location. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Control Center Mobile extends surveillance beyond the control room. Map-based Monitoring lets you navigate across cameras, while Pursuit Mode allows you to instantly follow any target from one camera to the next.


Suddenly managing security means a lot more than catching bad guys with cameras on video. Unrestricted licensing allows unlimited installations, cameras or screens.

It allows Control Center indiglvision integrate and manage data from other systems. All IndigoVision Encoders offer the flexibility to gradually migrate to IP camera by camera or to complement a completely new IP system, indigovision control center the life of existing analog investments.

Catch the bad guys on camera and keep your territory physically secure. Control Center expands with it.

ONVIF conformance allows integration with open standard cameras and devices. Then wherever you are, you are in control.