Thank you for checking the RST Dec 12, 26, I actually looked for Anand’s e-mail a while to mention this idea but he doesn’t make it readily available. Tue Jul 30, 7: It would be even better to have a standard way of doing it across all manufacturers but the idea has to start somewhere!

intel rst 11.5 beta

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This also happened to me a few days ago on a previous OS install on this machine, but on that occasion the version on the supplied DVD with the MB was the same version number and worked fine, of course this is now out of date.

Revert back from iRST v So that leaves you with two options: I have yet to see any manufacturer release that lntel for any of their boards. Intel X79 and hdds.

intel rst 11.5 beta

I wonder if a driver rollback, delete 12 versions drivers from registry, will allow the new I installed the It was a no rts. Oct 9, 39, Win7 64 Z77A-S01 i7 K. Who wouldn’t want that?

Intel Rapid Storage Technology RST Driver for Windows 10/8/7 Driver – TechSpot

I see that Intel warn though that theirs may cause issues and to source from MB manufacturer, but the prior version for this board from MSI was I think it only applies inetl Windows 7 though as they made a statement they were working on forthcoming support for Windows 8.


Kurotetsu 8 years ago Great for people with Intel chipsets like me.

intel rst 11.5 beta

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TRIM, RAID to play nice with next Intel RST update

If this is locked into that POS windows 8 only i’m going to go thermonuclear on somebody! Could try the The Vertex 2 at the bottom of the list died within a week of installation. It also has the floppy file set for supplying during OS install which is not separately highlighted on the downloads page like it is for the earlier version.

I realize Anand has a little sway with the SSD manufacturers so if he could mention this to a couple of them particularly the ones with their own Firmware divisionsmaybe the ball could get rolling.

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Win10 Pro x64 Donation Link: When you went back to That is not easy to understand. Look at this confusing brta If true, it seems like it should be mentioned on the Anandtech website.

Forum – RE: New Intel RST(e) Drivers v Beta available – 4

OTP Service – 1. Tue Jul 30, 6: About 2 hours ago, I placed a couple hundred files, just over 22GB worth, into a folder on the desktop. Filling the RAID 0 volume with data now I would do the points 5 and 6 of your schedule vice versa.

My two first-gen Indilinx drives will finally get some inteel back.