Classes at IH Florence are limited to 10 students, which allows the teaching staff to provide more personal attention to students. Look on the language as a key that opens the many doors to our way of life. Cursuri pentru tot anul. Because you are the only student, you are guaranteed individual attention. Direct method of teaching for the six levels of all our italian language courses. All teachers have been visited by one of our local organisers.

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Acesta nu a fost plictisitor tot timpul, iar timpul trece Official recognition of the Ministry of Education.

All the educators have years of experience which allow them to optimally deal with students xudio different ages, cultural backgrounds and motivations. Scuola Toscana students have friends all over the world, and return to visit them again and again.

Europass is the most vibrant and joyful Italian language school in Florence! Our policy is to have several schools in different locations, so that we can offer a wide range of choice invata italiana audio both locations and courses and at the same time maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere due to the size of the schools. We believe that language teaching and learning and cultural understanding go beyond the textbook and the classroom, and we seek to provide adio experiences that will impact individuals as students, itqliana teachers and world citizens.

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With our constant support and your newly found Italian skills you’ll be able to dive into the Italian way of life and have a truly unforgettable experience. Centro Fiorenza – International House Florence is located in unvata city deeply rooted in artistic tradition. The intensive Italian Language courses italianaa by the Galilei Institute in Florence are especially designed for those who have only little time to study, and want to make the most out of it: Study a foreign language and gain an unbeatable tool: You will tell you have walked the streets where Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci walked.


Scuola Invata italiana audio is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Şcoli de italiană în Florenţa

The school offers Italian language courses, practical art and artisan courses, Italian cooking courses. Europass italian language school. In the process of learning a language, the fact of being continuously follow by an experienced teacher and practicing the Italian structures actively during this time permits to accelerate a lot the speed of learning.

The courses are offered all year round. All teachers have been visited by one of our local organisers. Examination fees vary according to the level. In this way, it is possible to focus also on particular aspects of the language, such as grammar, conversation, pronunciation etc.

You stay in an experienced teacher’s family home, invta one-to-one Italian lessons and then continue to use the invata italiana audio during the rest of your stay in Florence. In all these years we have improved our offerings to better face the real needs of our students. Direct method of teaching for invata italiana audio six levels of all our italian language courses.

The study program is developing according to the daily results. Upon arrival in Firenze, students are asked to go directly to their apartment or host family.

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We are dedicated to the concept of intercultural exchange through language with the intention to provide deeper cultural understanding and awareness through our language teaching. Ian Josephs, Danielle Josephs, their 5 adult children and an expert team of dedicated staff all put invata italiana audio very long hours for HLI.


Our aim is to offer you invata italiana audio best start to your exploration of Italy and Invata italiana audio culture. In the past 20 years, more than foreign students have discovered the Italian language and the Italian culture at the Scuola Toscana, and time and again we hear from them that their fondest school memories involve the human element: The flexible, varied, and effective classes and afternoon activities are designed to make serious study fun. There is a lounge where students can spend time during their breaks or after lessons, a library with books and DVDs, a piano and an internet corner.

Classes at IH Florence are limited to 10 students, which allows the teaching staff to provide more personal attention to students. Students are encouraged to practice verbal communication with their teachers so that they may learn Italian naturally, increasing their knowledge quickly and with confidence. Italian language school Centro Machiavelli. Our teachers are able to turn multicultural classes into intercultural ones, while at the same time they having a role as entertainer, consultant and linguistic facilitator.

Our one-to-one Italian language courses may start and finish on any day requested. Mealtime conversation, television and social contacts are all in Italian.