IOS11 v10 All versions: Listed here only for completeness. Used by Korean Mario Kart Wii. In my tests, none of the channels a few forwarders, HBC, and the Mii Channel I had installed appeared had only a disc channel. You must know that in this mode, you will not know if your installed IOS have the differents bugs, and then the program will not know if they need to be patched. It will also cover what different minor versions are known to exist.

ios80 64 v6944 wad

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ios80 64 v6944 wad

Comes in two parts. Getting a NAND dump. IOs must be named this way: I thougt I must stay to 3.

The exact changes to the non-Korean IOSes are currently unknown. Pimp will avert you if some homebrews aren’t updated. You will have to choose the location of your IOS now. Use IOS installer instead IOS for System Menu 3.

If you have a collection that include these missing titles, ioe80 them here would be appreciated. Update’s main purpose was a failed anti-piracy attempt.


Have a patched IOS80 file, can install with Wad Manager 1.7?

It will tell you that everything is successful! This one is supposedly used to order prints of pictures on the SD card.

ios80 64 v6944 wad

A copy of IOS36 with patches applied. Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access. It’s just a copy of IOS9. If you install IOSes, it will replace those installed dad cIOSCorp and you will loose the ability to launch games via disc channel without modchip. I’ve heard that 1.

You must install the latest version for the shop to work. Version 1’s internal timestamp is Aug 22 Pages Images and files V6944 a link to a new page Loading Follow this french tutoriel to get those files: IOS is the basic operating software in the Wii.

Updating it seems to provide little benefit, and no noticeable change to GC support.

The homebrew is displayed automatically in english, french, italian, german or spanish depending of your Wii’s language. Also added improvements to the message board.


IOS and RVL Downloads

Came with an update. A bad choice of “hacks” could leave your system unstable!!!!!!!!!!!! And i also hacked my friends wii who’s system was i belive launch day, but i dont know how to rip the original IOS’s and SM’s from it.

No major changes between versions. Used for Gamecube support. Unavailable Mothballed IOS4 0.

We Hack Wii / IOS and RVL Downloads

Unknown, but believed to v69444 a leftover IOS that was created by the “xyzzy” key dumper. You can if you want install the cIOS from. This means that any updates for existing IOSes are only meant to fix bugs generally, security bugs.

Thanks anyway for the effort!