Now we need to configure the host ports. Unlimited prints, and VIP technical support are also benefits that our students receive. Browsing All Articles 19 Articles. Something that looks a little something like this:. So it put me in a good position for when I went into my lab day — which, I did pass on my first attempt! It must be noted that the MDSs do not support dynamic routing either.

ipexpert ccie datacenter workbook

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A typical deployment scenario is shown below: I never moved on until I was feeling good with the technology. So now we will configure our 2 host facing VFC interfaces.

A couple caveats however….

CCIE Blog | iPexpert » CCIE Data Center

Of course, marking this traffic alone will not guarantee that it gets special treatment throughout the network. Workboo, lies the problem … even if it is a weak one.

Mcast pkts received from the cross-bar: Now, I urge you to first think about this — How much time can you actually dedicate to studying? Again, this all works perfectly. It really is that simple! Many topics have remained consistent between the two blueprints, however much has been added. It has no idea of private-VLANs, and their associated mappings, its configuration will look something like this: Go out there and continue your education in order to fill in those few gaps!


ipexpert ccie datacenter workbook

Click there, and it should show you 2 troubleshooting guides that are available to you. After I had read until my mind was adequately numb, I found it time to lab. ipexpet

CCIE Blog | iPexpert » CCIE Data Center

Next Gen VoD Wireless: What these statements do is tell the switch that if the traffic for one of those secondary VLANs is destined wofkbook that workbool port, that on egress the switch needs to remove the secondary VLAN tag, and replace it with the primary VLAN tag This includes, but is not limited to our: Normally we will see one side FLOGI, and then 30 seconds to a minute later, the other side should login as well.

They were generally harder than what I felt the actual lab was. Rx InactiveTx Inactive qos-group 1 q-size: The easiest way to find it is by locating the white paper outlining its use! It actually worked out, as doing my NX-OS and MDS configs in notepad really let me see how my mind was digesting a technology and how my brain worked through the necessary steps to get it working.

ipexpert ccie datacenter workbook

Now we need to configure the host ports. Well, here you have it. Much like the promiscuous trunk, this one has a pretty specific purpose, and that is to flip the VLAN tag when a frame is traversing a trunk. In my case, it was after I put my kids to bed, from about 8 to 11 PM every weeknight. So as of right now, we have nothing!


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So we can easily take one of these Gigabit interfaces, and create an FCIP tunnel across the IP network using its addressing as our tunnel source. This second trunk type is actually called the secondary, or isolated trunk. In the end it ended up kind of looking like this: We will terminate both of our TCP streams on this port we have 1 stream for control and another for data traffic.

The issue arises with the router…you see its going to be placed off of an So, within the workbooks datafenter VoD series, some of the first topics I plan to attack are: Pkts received over the port: Here is a screenshot of the first vNIC that I created within my policy: Here is a screenshot of the first vNIC that I created within my policy:.

ipexpert ccie datacenter workbook