Instruments don’t sound real. Good but I think the visual counts on teental don’t match the actual beats. Amazing app If the beat counter is out of sync, don’t upgrade but do a fresh install. I have tried several workarounds to get it working, but nothing works consistently. Very happy for this,because until this version, the only tabla i could use is or in my computer, which i don’t take with me out, or very heavy machine. Need more to do..

ishala 1.6 apk

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Tabla has rhythm issues as well. Tanpura has to be also option of treble tanpura, there is ony bass tanpura. How do I add ragas with an android device? Best riyaz app for android so far.

ishala 1.6 apk

But now when you start the app sometimes its in some highly accelerated mode bug? Guess You Like View more. A must for every Indian music student.

iShala 1.6 APK

Annoying when I’m trying to use the beat count feature while ishalx but my screen dims and I can’t see it. Impressive Nice soothing sound for both tanpura and tabla. Tech support never answered my email after 11 months. I wish there was a sur-peti which is a sine wave of the tonic note you are using.


Auto Recorder PRO 1. Thanks for this wonderful app. Some problems in teental and all other Good I can not differentiate between the first and ninth beat in drut teental. And yeah keep awake option doesn’t work on my phone not a big deal.

Isala for an update. Your virtual tabla machine, lehra player and electronic tanpura! Is there a way to update the source file to feature authentic sounds? Kannadasan Hit Songs Tamil 1.

ishala 1.6 apk

More ragas on ixhala required. I think they have solved all the problems and here is the result. Nice app About time we had something like this for Android. I wish there was a sur-peti which is a sine wave of the tonic note you are using. Thanks for this wonderful app.

I’m advance sitar player and when i practice with this app ,i can do all my composition and taans very accurate. Feb 11, Get it on: This confuses me during my vocal practice.


Download iShala APK For Android

Great for practicing melody and tabla. Recommend to download iShala APK. Also played new taal garba once and it disappeared from list. Also many nice features!! Stopped working on my Galaxy S2 recently.

iShala APK 2.1

Good but Malkauns would be nic. Only one thing that bothered me was that everytime when I change tabla tempo, tanpura turns off. None satisfied the quality. Excellent improvisations post version upgrade I had earlier put deslike comment as I wasnt getting good Tabla sound and the taals were not playing prporly.