Given those numbers you can see how much we need to go big. September 23, at 5: May 26, at 3: May 31, at I do not know how much it costs officially, but my estimate is anything between R to R per minute, depending on the complexity of the animation.

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Mdu Comics | Izikhokho Cartoons | Mahala

What does your family say? Rudolph is supposed to be a super intelligent alien. This the wicked world of the Izikhokho Show. Izikhokho comics down, the funniest thing they have ever seen. Wow yayenza lento yakho mfana…awenze phela more videos…qubeke co,ics zishe…sihleke kuphela…. I m not guilty yo honour, gogo moloii ask d ancestors.

October 5, at 9: November coimcs, at 9: I remember re-drawing Ninja Turtles from magazines in my childhood. January 16, at 2: I need guidance and advice.


What do your parents, friends, ex-girlfriends think of your chosen career? I want to communicate everything: I even know some ANC people who have it on their phones.

Izikhokho Cartoons

Zuluboy and his alien friend Rudolph help us by fight these two. Mdu my brother u izikhokho comics a gift ilove ur videos…i hv a language we some frnds from unhappy husband angizwa nex am sure we all need to watch dis cartoons on tv so grow big my frnd…. Is there a lot of pressure on you? October 31, at It was not me yo honour, hw do u plead? How much feedback have you got on that.

September 23, at 5: Budget dictates how much time comica have to create the product which in turn affects the quality. Sometimes I think she wants me to be a policeman. Mara I love zulu boy but its like he is getting old.

May 1, at May 26, at 3: What are you trying to say…. Ofcourse we love it. First I want to show the people my people mostly that it is possible to make animated cartoons that tell our own stories. What do you need to get izikhokho comics going big time?


It all boils down to how difficult is it to draw. January 13, at But for now expect some more web clips and a movie sometime soon. What does my famiIy say? Yooh, I-Talente lakho bro!

August izilhokho, at izikhokho comics