I don’t know why, but the following solved the problem:. Such environments only expose the Java standard API instead of all the classes within the runtime. Asked 8 years, 5 months ago. It is expressly for ‘this answer is not useful’. This means that the classes used to implement the Java standard API are not exposed.

java sun misc base64encoder

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java sun misc base64encoder

NehPraka NehPraka 19 3 3 bronze badges. I don’t know why, but the following solved the problem:.

Download sun.misc.base64decoder.jar : sun « s « Jar File Download

Since we don’t have any thing sun. Jon Skeet Jon Skeet k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. It will run without showing any error. I know this is very Old post. Also note that this particular import only works with Oracle JVMs. Then read why you shouldn’t use base64encdoer.


java sun misc base64encoder

You can allow access to these particular classes using access rules, you could configure Eclipse to use the JDK directly or you could disable the error. Fabich 1, 1 1 gold badge 18 18 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Sure, avgvstvs, test program and environment details added.

Access restriction: The type BASE64Encoder is not accessible due to restriction –

Using internal classes may break compatibility with future Java SE runtimes; the implementation mic location of these classes can change at any time. Change it to warning.

The Java compiler doesn’t consider it an error and neither does NetBeans. But Oracle finally decided to implement base 64 in the Util package in Java 8so it’s not required anymore. It’s clear that some people have other agendas. Base64; Java 8 example code: Mohsin Khan Mohsin Khan 30 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges. That error is caused by your Eclipse configuration.

java sun misc base64encoder

Now change the previous encode method as below:. Sign up using Email and Password. This works because you have multiple classes in different jar files. EJP agreed – an error is fatal is and this certainly shouldn’t be, but as per Jon Skeet’s answer – it’s a valid and serious warning of runtime portability.


DatatypeConverter; Please correct me if I’m wrong bbase64encoder seeing as you gave this as an answer rather than uava comment I doubt you will. Now everything is doneyou can save your program and run.

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BASE64Decoder is way slower: They have got public methods to allow instantiation from other packages. Java 6 ships the javax. VladimirZhilyaev That’s not what the downvote system is for. Now change the previous encode method as below: Same problem occurs when trying to use sun.

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