To resolve the issue, try updating to the latest JRE version. Open the Firefox menu in the menu bar. In the Add-ons Manager window, select Plugins step 4. This plug-in generally works with a variety of web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla. How do I enable Java on Firefox?

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If one of those is missing, it may be best to uninstall java completely and re-install. Click on the Plugins tab. In java(tm) platform se 7 u45 Add-ons Manager tab, on the left select Plugins. If the problem persists or you are not sure which software is having problems, install the. You kava(tm) try these free programs to scan for malware, which work with your existing antivirus software: It is strongly recommended to choose Ask to Activate for most plug-ins listed on the right.

Java Deployment Toolkit and Java Platform. It scans your PCidentifies pltform problem areas and fixes them completely.

If you are using a different jaava(tm) of Firefox than the one I listed, then you. Select the Plugins tab on the left-hand side of the page. De-selecting this option will prevent Java applets from running in any browser and the Java plugin will no longer appear in the Firefox or SeaMonkey Add-ons Manager or about: To make the plugin available to all users, create the link inside of the Firefox.


Copy the extracted npjpi Files have been scanned with antivirus software.

In the latest version of the Firefox Browser Windows Bitit does not recognize or support the Java plugin. Retrieved from ” http: After the re-install, I checked the Java control panel – security tab and the box to enable java on browser was un-checked maybe default with install Anyway, it works now. If you still have problems, try the following solutions.

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Find the “Java TM Platform” option. If the button next to it says “Enable,” then click the button to enable the plugin. The Add-Ons manager opens. In any recent version of Firefox, click the Firefox tab in the upper-left corner and choose Add-Ons.

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It now appears that disabling Java in IE is no easy task. If you’re comfortable with a registry fix, do one of the following:. Dell eDoc Viewer or Dell Document Viewer is a display tool that collects and displays all documents hard Choose Safari Preferences; Choose the Security. The Mozilla developers could not envision a reason why users would want the main feature of my addon disable JavaScript and decided not to provide an appropriate API.


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No guarantees or warranties are given java(tm) platform se 7 u45 implied. Alternately, uninstall Java 7u10 or 7u11, install an earlier Java version e. Attempting to restart the browser without ending the existing browser process will result in a profile in use error or, in Firefox 1.

For more information and screenshots, see this wiki. If you want to use Java within Firefox, you need to manually create a symbolic link from the plugin file in the release to one of the locations that Firefox expects.

Please don’t forget to mark jscher’s answer as the solution. Refer to your specific Internet firewall manual for instructions on how to disable your Internet Firewall. Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies. Under Scripting of Java Applets select Enable.