But if you just have a Wi-fi tablet like the iPad or, more tellingly, if you have multiple devices – or perhaps are with a friend who’d also like to share the Internet connection on his or her tablet or laptop, then you’re in need of a more flexible solution. At least, it does if you’re talking about more than one extra device. As shown at the top, I tested JoikuSpot Premium primarily with an Apple iPad 2, though I also had an N8 and a Windows laptop also connected all at the same time and using data simultaneously. Third party accessories like the ‘Mi-fi’ are popular, but they’re essentially mimicking what your Symbian smartphone can already do, just as well. How satisfied are you with this response? Phones come with the highest quality 3G antennas and that ensures the quality of the network signal and bandwidth available for your JoikuSpot use. Download apps to your Symbian mobile phone directly or via computer.

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You can get the cable driver here: I have the same question 0. I did not synchronise data to use a clean phone. If you’re mobile with JoikuSpot Premium for joikuspot premium for nokia e71 length of time then you’ll almost certainly want to plug-in, either to a train’s mains outlet or more likely through a portable charger like the Proporta Turbocharger range.

With pervasive Internet something that we’ve all become accustomed to, i. You can encrypt the traffic and set the password for your HotSpot access joikuxpot. Download apps to your Symbian mobile phone directly or nojia computer. Forget the price of JoikuSpot Premium, it’s insignificant in comparison to your other mobile data costs even across a single year.

But a little set up is needed first. For instance, in the train or in the car the available network may switch from 3G to 2G and vice versa. You can set default Operator access point, battery threshold level warnings, security keys and access point name.


You can choose to reserve it for your own use or allow visitors to access internet via your phone’s 3G WiFi. Did this solve your problem? Once started, you can fire up Wi-fi scanning on any Internet-demanding device and you’ll see the new hotspot and can join the ad-hoc prfmium joikuspot premium for nokia e71 the usual way. StevenVeldstra Replied on April 29, Hmm either apple are duplo computers, or nokia just does not care and will lose market share again.

There is no first web landing page in Premium Edition as in the free edition, so you can go directly to where ever you want in the internet or access your email, without having to visit the defaulted landing page first. As one of the original Symbian applications from the early days of Wi-fi in Symbian, JoikuSpot is admirably mature now and I installed it on two smartphones without issue. On the move the network context keeps changing. Encryption is an important topic to talk about here – by default, this is turned off, joikuspo simplicity’s sake, but if you’re mobile then I’d strongly urge you to turn on encryption, both to stop others ‘leeching’ noika your pfemium slowing you down and possibly raising your data bill and to joikuspot premium for nokia e71 possible spying on your Internet activities e.

So you have to match capitalisation when entering the password on jlikuspot devices.

JoikuSpot Premium

The Bluetooth drivers are in the downloads section of the E71 section of the Nokia page, but noikuspot some reason pasting a link won’t work. After a few seconds, the hotspot icon turns green, along with a padlock symbol, indicating that it’s an encrypted network. Compare it to most USB modem speeds and you nokoa find that you will get better internet speed and connection performance quality with JoikuSpot as you do with an external WiFi dongle.


It is a fact that the use of WiFi and 3G does consume the phone battery life, but we have done our best to ensure that the consumption levels are at minimum, and that the connection quality and performance stays superior.

It’s true that WEP-encryption permium crackable if there’s enough data to capture, but we’re talking about a temporary hotspot that you’ve set up and about which a potential attacked would have no prior notice. Have you downloaded the bluetooth modem drivers? This thread is locked. So, if you’re testing this at home make sure to disconnect any relevant applications.

JoikuSpot Premium for Nokia E71 Free Download

Phone installs Nokia Connection Manager on my computers and tries acting as a modem. It takes you one click in your phone to turn your phone to a powerful 3G WiFi HotSpot, and another click in your laptop, iPad, iPod or other WiFi device to make the internet connection.

While the phone’s joikuspot premium for nokia e71 connection is active in JoikuSpot Premium, it can still be used by the phone’s own applications, adding another connection vector. The only two gotchas I encountered were the ‘W-Lan use’ conflict and the password capitalisation, both mentioned above.

This site in other languages x. As shown at the top, I tested JoikuSpot Premium primarily with an Apple iPad 2, though I also had an N8 and a Windows laptop also connected all at the same time and using data simultaneously. There’s also JoikuSpot Light, a free version, which you can use to check that it does what it claims to do.

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