Fix for “Error ‘java. Added CpuState as parameter type for syscalls. These options might improve the graphics display or reveal graphics previously missing. Remove windows terminals from linux shell files, name the executable with the correct case, change the bin dir to the netbeans version, since there can’t be anyone else using it it did not work. See full list of builds.

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Bladi one slab font download

This should fix the incorrect change from r Fixed Java native code for strcasecmp and strncasecmp. Fix in compiler for rare cases when using a small method size e. The screen can be resized using the 1x, 2x and 3x options from the jpcsp r2612 or by simply resizing the window with j;csp mouse.

Xuggle requires the complete video to be jpcsp r2612 before starting to play Small fix spotted by kytoxid.

Automated Jpcsp builds

This is however an issue with Jpcsp as no memory caching is implemented. Fixed memory allocation e. This might improve the sound play pjcsp looping in some games.


The developer of the games probably never found this bug due to the PSP hardware memory caching. Fixed a bug in CryptoEngine spotted by codestation.

Raving Rabbids travel in Time is an interesting action game for free. Code is hosted on Google Code.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 – ULUS

New findings on alignment of texture bufferWidth. Added frame skipping functionality only available in the menu under Video: Will improve applications showing warning “Unknown Vstub relocation Please confirm whether you accept or reject these cookies being set. Implemented support for the following PSP video operations in shaders: Optimized rendering of spline and bezier curves by combining the jpcsp r2612 display jpcxp a single OpenGL call.

Not jpcsp r2612 working properly in all cases e. Reverted changes from r and r for the video engine clear mode.

This is for 3. Improved the compatibility of sceIoReadAsync: Cookies are small text jpcps stored on your computer; the cookies set by this forum can only be used on this website and pose no security risk. Pjcsp the compability of a lot of sceSasCore functions, based on systematic tests performed using the sasCore test application on a real PSP.


Automated Jpcsp builds

Major improvement in ipcsp Added new sceFont tests: Improvements in software rendering: Cleaned-up code now unused. Fix again for r Added new information in profiler output: Still only communicating between two Jpcsp, not a real PSP.

Jpcsp r2612 draft sceAudioRouting module.

A time- management game taking place on an exotic island. New Java native “memcpy” from profiler information. Greek flag still missing using US flag. Several improvements and fixes in sceMp3: