The software here should be listed in somewhere like ” List of diagramming software “, “List of code generation software”, “List of code synthesis software”, etc. The site does not mention if blueprint is Free Software or Open Source. These links are not linkspam. Maybe this list is too broad: This page was last edited on 27 March , at

jumli uml

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jumli uml

We even can’t connect this object to a class by generalization – EA considers such connection as a rules breaking one. Download film jakarta baru jokowi ahok Diplo revolution imanos download youtube Mainboard tester download Saj dhaj ke full song mp3 download. Maybe this list is too broad: Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Value is 0, while the government and corporate trust Car insurance quotes, either: Jumli allows you to design UML-Diagrams e.

Talk:List of Unified Modeling Language tools

Post by Tsolakos Stavros Does it happen with other controls? I didn’t make the edit myself because of its controversial nature, and because I don’t count myself as a Wikipedia editor heck, I don’t even count myself as a Wikipedia user.

jumli uml

You ujl invited to comment on the discussion at Wikipedia: I arrived here having followed a vandal. Can we get some consistency?


Try right click jjmli diagram elements, if repository elements won’t help. Let’s not do this again and again. There are several policies that indicate that lists like this should only include articles, not links to external sites.

Com is at the age of But I cannot find a way in EA to convert the Lifeline objects into classes.

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UML is just one of the many ways of expressing idea. And it does it without any intelligence. This link was deleted too in UML wikipedia page. The external URL of each product also can serve as some form of unique identifier, what exact product is meant by a certain entry in this list here. WikiProject Computing Computing articles v t e. Free drawing software for Windows. Thanks for your answer, Nabil.

class – Enterprise Architect – How to create classes from sequence diagrams? – Stack Overflow

Thanks for your answer Jim, but to me creating classes first looks more like reverse engineering. Post jymli Reinhard Salzgeber What about writing in english? It has been my understanding this list is like list of GUI testing tools or list of web testing tools where all entries have an article and hence do not become a WP: I would like to request that Integrity Modeler is added to the article, specifically to the 2 tables.


I would argue that the following should be rmed from the list as non-notable, in approximate order of how strongly I think they should be rmed:. I vote not to remove external links of products, even if they have a separate article.

There are again many external links in the article, I added a cleanup tag. As it is said in the TODO listthis section should be merged into the two other sections. How do we handle problem users? There is a lot of information in this list, and it’s really not very helpful. These links are not linkspam. What do you all think?

And the standard is far from being ideal, too. KeepFebruary 11, see discussion.