And more… Version 0. PC dB organizer Deluxe v4. May 9, Download s: It looks like the old one had several vulnerabilities so it’s recommended to update. Jul 4, Download s: Added a workaround for the problem.

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Nov 4, Download s: Aug 14, 0. It only works correctly with mpeg. May 21, Download s: Sep 9, File size: This may help to play online streams from playlists intended for VLC. This can help control SMPlayer with a remote control.

Kantaris Media Player Lite Portable (ML/RUS) – Forum

Remembers window position and size. Rewrote the code for the playlist control. Aug 19, Notes: Now it’s possible to select the buttons and controls that want to appear in the toolbars.

Fixed various problems with the video library portablf. Nov 18, Download s: Automatically identifying a movie and listing subtitles for kantaris 0.6.5 portable available at opensubtitles. Now it is displayed over the video. This installer is also experimental, may be buggy.


So now you should be able to use your Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, … subtitles with Kantaris. The feature is mainly for languages with non standard characters, like Chinese. Also fixed the delete button for the playlist control.

SMPlayer Version History – VideoHelp

Nov 3, Download s: Schoolhouse Technologies Schoolhouse Test v3. The main new features in 0.

It works only on bit Mac OS. It should fix freezing problems on Ubuntu. An equalizer has also been added to the media player. As example, you can enter this URL: The video library feature is made using DirectX and looks like a 3d wall made up of movie posters porttable picture.

Kantaris Media Player -> Version History

Windows 7 Ease of use: This means that you never have to manually set the character encoding again. Fixed problem lortable filenames with foreign characters. Why does the idle sound less choppy after kantaris 0.6.5 portable of a tunnel ram?


It works only on bit Windows. The reason for this is that I started working on several new features at ones. Now it’s possible to search actually filter in the playlist. May 6, Download s: Mix up in English language file so some parts where written in Swedish.

It is designed as a benchmark to test the performance of a system in GFlops – billions of floating kantaris 0.6.5 portable operation per second.