Diff–is embedded within cloc. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. A similar study was later made of Debian Linux version 2. Such predictions have of course only statistical value: What is your job function?

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Some of these extensions work calculaator Windows if one has WinZip installed in the default location C: Kloc calculator this being said, you’ll have of course variances kloc calculator your absolute figures that will depend on your precise definitions and methodology.

These languages were developed at the time when punched cards were the main form of data entry for programming. Gill Ajoft of Ajoft Softwares provided the Bulgarian translation.

A fourth module, Digest:: For example, most software systems reuse code, and determining which if any reused code to include is important when reporting a measure. SLOC is typically used to predict the amount of effort that will be required to develop a program, as calcuulator as to estimate kloc calculator productivity or effort once kloc calculator software is produced. First create reports for Perl and Python separately:. A small modification was made to the cloc source code before passing it to perl2exe; lines 87 and 88 were uncommented: Various computer languages balance brevity and clarity in different ways; as an extreme example, most assembly languages would require hundreds of lines of code to perform the same task as a few characters in APL.


Finally, invoke the newly installed pp command with the cloc souce code to create an.

COCOMO calculation

The work involved kloc calculator creating this code cannot reasonably be compared to the work necessary to write a device driver, for instance.

Denis Silakov enhanced the code which generates cloc. Diff Perl modules is subject to the Artistic License. SLOC measures are somewhat controversial, particularly in the way that they are sometimes misused.

While not especially helpful when dealing with a single kloc calculator archive after all, if you’re going to type the extraction command anyway why not just manually expand the archive? Last updated on Wednesday, May 6, Finally, the KLOC is a concept that was introduced in a time where dominant languages were line oriented e.

Anna Litwinka provided the Russian translation. They then use this prediction in kloc calculator decision making about releasing or not to market I think I’ve read a paper from HP some years ago, but I couldn’t find it back. However I have to admit that introducing such structured metrics on subcontracted projects i.

Join to subscribe now. The –sql-append switch allows one to combine many runs in a single database; each run adds a row to the metadata table. The extention argument given to –strip-comments is arbitrary; here nc was used as an abbreviation for “no comments”. If it doesn’t, cloc will install the parts of Regexp:: Scale factors were derived from the version of language gearing ratios listed at Mayes Consulting web site, http: Jari Aalto created the initial version of cloc.


The necessary code from Regexp:: Good developers may merge multiple code modules into a single module, improving the system yet appearing to have negative productivity because they remove code. Packer to run on Windows computers that have neither Perl nor Cygwin. Here’s an example of running cloc against the Perl v5.

Post as a kloc calculator Name.

List of tools for Java software metrics

The –read-lang-def option for example allows the user to read definitions kloc calculator comment filters, known file extensions, and known scripting languages from a file.

The –diff switch allows one to measure the relative change in source code and comments between two calcu,ator of a file, directory, or archive. Versions of cloc before v1.