View my complete profile. Whatever game you’ve downloaded, throw it anywhere onto the USB drive and use Awesome File Manager to copy things across. It is really amazing. Thelostdeathknight , Jul 4, Now you’re ready to install CFW! After the PS3 reboots, go to your ” Game ” menu. Downloads To install homebrew, you’ll need the following ingredients:

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Install kmeaw CFW 3. Make sure you have a legit game disc in the PS3. Install kmeaw the same way you install OFW.

Installation Now the slightly worrying part. I’ve got a ‘slight’ issue see: Mar 18, Media: If you install the dirmware one, things can only end badly. Decided to upgrade from 3. Access current user information from anywh Your name or email address: Kmeaw I have not had a problem updating to this firmware Kmeaw 3.


Now there are kmeaw 3.55 custom firmware ways of doing this. Quickly search for text within multiple fil Instead of the official disc you have in the PS3, it’ll show as the game you loaded in multiMAN instead!

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DNS Trick Blocked? New Way To Access PSN Online PS3 Kmeaw [VIDEO]

Official PS3 firmware 3. The screen will turn red. Press O to copy it over vustom your hard drive. Install Awesome File Manager. Now you’re ready to install CFW! Now that Sony has finally put their foot down about it, the hacking progress has slowed. Knight of the Black Rose Location: First, you HAVE to upgrade to 3. Your structure should now look like this.

PS3 Custom Firmware Download Links + 3.41 & 3.55 OFW

A lot of older tutorials will also say you require LV2 patcher. Remove Explorer Breadcrumbs Windows 7: Once it’s done, plug it in and start up multiMAN.


This is no longer required as multiMAN includes it. Homebrew support kmeaw 3.55 custom firmware the PS3 has become amazingly easy to install over the last couple of months. Jul 2, Occupation: Skip to the ” Running games ” section.

Jul 9, Home Kmmeaw ThelostdeathknightJul 4, Download the file checksum tool from CNET to double check checksums Every time you start your PS3 you’ll have to do this. About Me twig Australia A software engineer that spends his spare time tinkering with the quirks of the universe.