You Mexican or mixed? Elevated Feat Nas You nice, still need to tweak that flow a bit tho, but who tf remade this beat, shits trash. With the Gucci interior. Tuned bitch ass low key in love with hide. You really spelt champagne like that, god dam retarded ass nigga. Young Kermit happy to death.

leanin low mp3

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Always had money, clothes, and really cool things stolen from me that I used to take to school.

leanin low mp3

Like in their diary? Man… would that work lmao. I think ya better inhalllllllle cuz we living in helllllllllll.

Leanin’ Low

This is all for show. Yeah bitch say lmao again. My thoughts and critics thought the same as well. This used to be my shit back in the day. Rest of part 2 comes tmr. My mom always asks me that.

Chubbie Baby: Leanin Low – text piesne, videoklip, mp3 |

Ay any news on c5 im open to. He was here last week. U sound like a fuckin love nd hiphop female star stfu. Drop the full loe already.


I was playin bruh. Every day bro nun stop. He busted his load while I gave him head, I think it was mind blowing. Escape Feat Sia No lol shes white.

mp33 Boy she 16 relax. Just wanted to see who was dumb af tbh. I pushed my power on button, entered my password and quickly scrolled to his contact and called him and pleased him to come down to the office as my pussy was filled with cum.

leanin low mp3

I kinda sorta got that problem too for awhile she was bitchy but she know my gf number 1 so now its just like talk to her when I can…. Dead Or Alive Feat Euro 7. He already free though. The first games of the Nba season is lit. Hoody gon put you in a bear hug.

True this nigga gon give a whole lecture before he perform the next song lol. Nah something gon drop this year. Then he whispered into my ear…. D4 was hated on for no reason.


Chubbie Baby – Leanin Low

I gotta listen again cuz ion even remember what lenain it was but probly. Truu, bout to hit the movies in a few myself. Lmao thats a good way to look at it but when he tells u not to be his fan anymore and not to buy any of his albums u gon feel stupid. Mixtape Weezy 3 Have you started taking classes?