Opacity as well as the special effect mode, speed, stay duration, etc. Confirm with the button Change 8. Characters in single-line text can be added by two ways. Stop broadcasting the timing and appointed programme files. Digital Clock See figure for the effect of digital clock. The extension name is RTF see figure The system issues the control instruction regularly to turn down the computer the order is only suitable for the states supported computer auto power on or the states of turning on the computer by the special person in charge.

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Modify the selected cell column sofware. Figure Setting Window of Notice Management 2 Setting the Window of Notice Management The following aspects of notice window can be set in the dialog box of notice management, such as position, left border, right border, down border, special effect, background, font and so on. In addition, it has abundant special effects, same as image playing. Switch to the current program page to a program page.

Colorlight LEDShowT9 User Manual used for Colorlight T9 and A8 LED Control Card

It has the following characteristics: Ledahowt9 different users and corresponding management rights. As for television signals, the software is able to automatically change channels. Please read the user as needed.


LED screen user manual. The specific use patterns and coding please contact the database provider’s technical staff. Be used for selecting sound of video note: After absorbing the advantages of the last generation product, it is the second generation product developed by our company based on market demand. As a result, this software supports all video formats as long as proper decoder is installed.

The background box is set as the transparent one. Mosaic medium The recommended decoder for “ultimate decoder”. Carrying out error detection of the display screen. You can see a progress bar and after it has been sent, you will get a send complete message. The programming of one programme lesshowt9 has been completed by the four steps above. The advanced processing engine which greatly improves performance and speed is adopted.

Rapidly load the existing display panel parameters, smart setting. Adjust Brightness of Display Screen: As for one programme page, play management allows this programme page to have three different recurrent play modes: Remotely controlling the display screen by network. Before we start, please note: The specification supplied by the manufacturer can be referred to install and debug.



But we also provice add-on software for generating text or video frames without starting an X-Server. Type T9 into the textfield and confirm with OK 4. Characters in single-line text can be added by two ways. The sofeware will create a single-line text automatically and enter into the interface of editing single-line text.

Now, you will be asked ledsnowt9 a password. If users encounter problems in use, first to this part of the search to see if there is no suitable answer. Word files only support the format of office Timing copy the programme. This window will be filled with videos and images. The main interface includes two pages, i.