It is said that Infernals have Immolation ability, but that ability is bugged and simply doesn’t work. This build requires one more tower and many towers can fit that role, they are usually tier 3 or tier 4 towers. And of course, thanks for guide. Do it multiple times, and earlier on for example send hermit on level 1, you loose 30 gold, -1 gold every wave x30 waves. Very good in early game with nice attack speed and evasion tanks and attacks good. Krakens also have magic immunity.

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I need to point out that this Book is long and there are surely some writing mistakes that i made, so if you find some please report to me legion td mega 3.43 post in comments and i will try to fix that. I can only promise that i will continue to support and play this game, and i look forward to play new version if it’s relatively good and balanced.

Ogre Basher is melee Beast Builder tier 2 tower. Would be nice tower in early game, but his price does’t allow you to build it early on costs gold, and at level 1 you have gold.

legion td mega 3.43 Reroll gives you new six tower combination with Prophet some of them can still be the same, it is randomly given and “change builder” gives you choice between two different races still one of them can be the same.

For this level you need some fortified or heavy armored tanks Goblin Blaster are extremely good on this level and some ranged piercing towers behind. So if you see that you don’t get any summons on lets say, levels 14, 15, When hybrid is played there is no -cb in the mode although there can be simply because there is no point to change Hybrid.


Besides King, Chariots are strong send with siege damage and huge range, so they are very effective damage dealers.

Legion TD Mega 3.5 (B4) + 3.41 unprotect

And also, I think you need to lsgion the units which they build not able to move since its a Tower Defense after all. Normal creeps and towers have base armor 3. This is a pretty stable build with very little variables.

Burns enemy land units for 12 damage per second.

This is very important because when you send Non-full income summon you actually lose gold. As one of the most aggressive levels in Legion Mega, this wave often causes problems.

You need deep mid build, then when they spawn you anti-stuck 2 of them, one that is not anti-stucked will tc diagonally directly to mid and two anti-stucked will ts to the far mid first, then to your towers, so you basically have a perfect focus on fist boss. HighestIncome on Thu Jul 18, 2: Salamanders are ranged low HP creeps with fast movement speed and insane damage output due to their number and attack speed.

Legion TD Mega – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Choose which entry should win in the 19th Terraining Contest Poll. What it does is trapping unit under net, keeping it in place, which is nice on melee waves, and useless on ranged waves. It seemed good, the units matched their names, It was fun to play. First one, builder with value and around income and second one, incomer with income and value.

This must not happen on every wave, but sooner or later, armor bonus will make a difference. Commander can be strong send on basically every level as he increases damage of every regular unit. This ability is amazing, as he splits into 2 units actually and Infernal tanks while Lord of Death deals damage. As i mentioned in ‘Placement’ Sector, this can be crucial.


Remember Nortan how, how do you rank “advanced” players? So second good usage of Anti-Stuck tool is next: I would lie legion td mega 3.43 i say that writing a book was easy legion td mega 3.43 i spent 8 hours only to upload itbut i think it is worth, and i am happy to hear that it is useful.

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Well, as you probably know i already wrote a guide about income, so i don’t have much to add on dt. Guardian of Death is slightly ranged but still melee Undead builder tier 6 tower.

But if you are starting, or you are relatively new to this game, i recommend you to megx reading here, legion td mega 3.43 can confuse you Dragon Turtles have heavy armor type, so way to deal with them oegion rather corruption abilities same as on first boss or high magic damage output Meridian, Azure Dragon, Royal Griffin.

Infernals are generally good summons, but the fact that they are melee is their main disadvantage. Prophet and Hybrid are special as i mentioned, and they are also two most played builders online. Now Swamprunner can be upgraded once, but he has two different upgrades.