Designed for the way you live, LG mobile phones give you access to our latest technology and newest features, plus all the essentials — like talk and text messaging. Event alarms can be set to go off up to a week earlier so you’d surely have enough time to prepare. The original minimalist Prada phone design reprised here is still very stylish, even if our post-iPhone familiarity with that much-imitated look has made it less immediately striking. The monochrome themes — black on white, white on black — pre-loaded on the phone are stark by contrast, and minimal chic can feel a bit dull after a while. It automatically flips into side-ways camera-alike mode when the camera’s fired up. A further Multi-tasking button pulls up tabbed lists of live apps and favourite functions.

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The user interface employs similar but not identical operation to the Renoir and Cookie. These nifty little browser is quite good at what it does and as they have full touch support you would perhaps find them more pleasant to work with at times than the standard built-in web browser. Not to mention a few smart messengers that make the new Prada look like a damsel in distress, only without gl happy end.

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Email attachments and copied over PDF, Word, text, Powerpoint and Lg kf900 games files can be read by an integrated document viewer, while organiser software includes a calendar, calculator, memos and to do lists, world clock, convertor, calculator, alarm, stopwatch and voice recording functions. Not that it’s difficult to use, mind — navigation is very logical and intuitive.

The Bottom Line There’s definitely a few components missing for what you’ll pay for a Prada, but these haven’t detracted from our experience. Against No smartphone capability No GPS Motion-controlled games limited Widgets are limited Low-light shooting isn’t great Some potentially battery-sapping features Monochrome themes are limited Touchscreen text input is poor. If those reminders aren’t enough you could always write down lg kf900 games memo.


There is a virtual on-screen keyboard with a D-Pad but it isn’t very comfortable for gaming. But if you bought the first Prada, it was hardly the specs you were after. The LG KF Prada can store up to calendar events, To-Do notes and memos and making a back up on external memory is ,f900 a few clicks away.

Our Verdict Much improved spec-wise, but the added bulk of this phone gammes but some of the more style-conscious off. Boasting intuitive Android operating systems, these mobile phones give you lightning-fast connections to the information you want. The Voice recorder does not have a limit for the maximum length of a voice note and once you are done recording them you can send them via MMS, email or Bluetooth.

Calendar in month and week mode. At the bottom of the home screen are four virtual hotkeys for essentials that don’t change when you switch between home pages — phone numberpad, contacts, messaging, and main menu. The touch interface, however, is generally capably implemented, with LG continuing to keep things mostly straightforward and easily manageable with simple finger-swipe action on the spacious screen, and haptic feedback confirming lg kf900 games.

It gives it a very different in-pocket feel k900 the skinny 12mm thin, 85g Prada 1. In order to get the best possible experience gamss LG.

The autofocus system works smartly and efficiently, though the 2-step button can lag a fraction between pressing and snapping when taking quick shots so be careful of movement before the image is captured to lg kf900 games blur. The monochrome themes — black on white, white on black — pre-loaded kf90 the phone are stark by contrast, and minimal chic can feel a bit dull after a while.

The first two are the same as the ones in the LG Renoir and are not so much games themselves but tools for playing other games. And it’s probably not the performance you’d be keen lt upgrade but looks.


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Adding an event The LG KF Prada can store up to calendar events, To-Do notes and memos and making a back up on external memory is just a few clicks away. The third option in the Organizer menu is the Date Finder. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Over 50 per cent heavier and 5mm thicker, the new Prada is a bit of a gamex, though for a very good reason.

The second collaboration between LG and fashion lg kf900 games Prada, the KF Prada Phone by LG delivers a distinctly refreshed and reworked take on lg kf900 games original touchscreen luxury-brand phone, whilst retaining much of the minimalist charm of the original. Notably absent is a wealth of internal storage. The slide-out Qwerty keyboard is finely implemented, but inevitably it adds more bulk to the phone — something that fashion conscious buyers will appreciate less than high-rolling business types.

Shots can be tweaked after shooting, with a wide selection of effects, drawing, text and colouring options that can be applied by a gamee of judicious finger action. Even with a luxury Prada phone, ordinary phone calling is still a key function.

LG Prada II

One grumble we did have was with the frustrating text message touchscreen option – although this can be got if900 easily enough by using the Qwerty keyboard instead. Organizer, applications, games, conclusion. In our tests, on average we got over two days out of the phone in standby with our typical usage – a reasonable performance.