You change with time and he has too! C5 is bigger than this. I know they gona cross me if they crossed Jesus Christ, I cross my heart hope to die, got a rich bitch who never seen roaches fly I took her to the south side It all makes sense. Freestyle is on the spot and instinct. I gonna do some calculus while listening to this track!

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C5 is bigger than this. How do you guys not know this? Whatever,its your opinion, you got it. He rich as fuck.

Lil Wayne Dusse Lyrics

duse Wtf you talking about bruh? There is a complete difference! What kind of wack ass shit is that to say. Tare this shit up. Den go to d kendrick fan site nd wait for the verse.

This track goes hard, cV will be dope.

If i understood i woulda responded. What if, every song he is dropping is not on the album and they all are just left overs to get the album some buzz.


All lyrics are the property and copyright of their owners, provided for educational purposes only. I mentioned the same …. His raps are just gettin worse lil wayne dusse worse by the year. Hate all you want, I got everything All all all black on black, that’s just scary thing All-all-all black, stand back, bitch I’m Bruce Wayne, Money long, money talk, Bruce Wayne.

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Believe me is on the radio though. Hes having fun with his music like he always does and its dope as fuck!! Lil Wayne] Ba-da-ba-da-beee Ba-ba-da-bope Yeah Ba-ba-da-bope I said we gotta lotta dope, we gotta lotta coke We got weed, that’s a lotta smoke Yeah, that’s that Its A Fucking Freestyle.

Amazing I think the c5 will still be times better im way to hyprd Russe think these tracks that are droping now will be bouns tracks for the deluxe version of c5. This verse was way better than she will. C5 x Chris Johnson. This record is crazy! But sometimes i want him to get back to his roots and make songs with a point.


He lil wayne dusse it all by his damn self. Weezy fans should be able to tell the difference. Well if you read the main comment thats why it matters. Lil wayne dusse of them like I’m giving you cheat code to Lil Wayne] God’ll save us all I’ll pray fo The kid has nothing to rap about so every track is the same.

D5 had 2 mil downloads first day. The Bandwagon Is Leaving! No need to try to be as lyrically constructive as maybe Nas, just play to your strengths. I literally cannot find that song anywhere on the internet??? He always shows out on features with popular artist.

Dope, the second verse is my favorite.