Anyone have any suggestions? Some of that, I won’t eat! If a particular pizza is partially satisfying ie. Other Releases Logical Journey of the Zoombinis was also released on the following systems: A gorgeous hand-painted adventure with a unique weapon and tool: I got this working nicely in DOSbox. Some of the animations are choppy, the puzzle instructions are useless, the Zoombinis no longer make sounds when they walk, stuff like that.

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MissTaurus87 0 point Windows version. Compatibility and XP mode simply say unable to continue and to consult troubleshooting guide. Here’s where things get interesting. There are now strange filters changing what your Zoombini looks like, as well as the crystal on the other end.

Added credits, including a list of our supporters. This game is so cool. There are 4 pizzas in the pit to begin with.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

Players must guide the Zoombinis through this land to reach the safety of Zoombiniville, a land of hope and prosperity for the Zoombinis.

C 0 point Windows version. Gorshin 3 points Windows version. Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. Oh, I love logical land of zoombinis you put down all the comments for the Pizza Pass. S 0 point Windows version.


Some of these might make me ill. I had the game burned onto a CD but when I went to install it I couldn’t it wanted me to go to troubleshooting guide what do I do to fix this problem.

Zoombini Isle

So the first Zoombini you put down will definitely get a room. Soapy Foten -8 points Windows version. But that was deceiving; Zoombinis was a lot more difficult than the cartoony animation and art style would lead players to believe. The toads can only jump up, down, left or right. Twelve perilous puzzles each with 4 levels of increasing difficulty, a great story, and many fun and memorable characters make for an engaging and challenging experience.

After the foundation of Zoombiniville, the Zoombinis find peace once more, until a small group of them get trapped inside a cave seeking shelter from a storm. Trustfully accepting their offer, logical land of zoombinis Zoombinis agreed.

Share your gamer memories, give useful links or comment anything you’d like. This is a useful starting point which just saves you a Zoombini. Three Zoombinis will line up on the catapult, and to send them flying up, you must shoot mudballs at the light-grey spaces.

There are two paths to choose from. Search for a mysterious artifact in a forgotten castle, find clues and puzzles! Andrea B -1 point Windows version. Only 16 Zoombinis at a time in the boat. The mountains of despair take place in and around high and deep peaks of land. Eilee 0 point Windows version.


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Used windows 8 auto mount in the logical land of zoombinis file location but you can’t launch from there, and D-FEND won’t allow a profile to be created or I don’t know how to do it is there zoojbinis workaround for this on windows 8? The easiest way is to take Captain Cajun’s boat across. So I’ve managed to get the game installed on a VirtualBox running Win95, but it says there’s no sound devices, zoombinie now that I’ve installed the sound card it keeps crashing???

Also something as minor as how do I move the lever to get the cart to go in at junction in Mirror Machine?