To deshapaluwa and C de Alwis: My time spent during the aftermath of Sunami clearing bodies by the sea showed that dead bodies blacken and bloat within 16 — 24 hours beyond recognistion. I am pleased to see some of us have started thinkig positively. A team of LTTE cadres consisting of 30 most loyal bodyguards of Prabhakaran and Prabhakaran himself tried to sneak through the mangrove islands of Nandikadal to its west bank. Tamil must be glad that this is over. Our armed forces did a great, extra ordinary job. If those are considered collateral damage, then why not what happened in Wanni?

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Irrespective of all the means ltte prabhakaran images to achieve the end that never came yet, we must appreciate. Sri Krishna asks Arjuna to engage himself in action that is Sacrifice. Interestingly when President Rajapakse delivered his address the death of Prabhakaran had not been confirmed and so there was no reference to it.

Hillcountry, Guyana, South Africa…. People from both divides should try to every means of reconciliation and develop Srilanka.

Unseen pics from LTTE chief’s album | IndiaToday

To deshapaluwa and C de Alwis: Thanks DBSJ for the all the articles ltte prabhakaran images had written about the conflict.

Anyone remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Many have raised doubts about the army version. Please continue your good work. Sri Lankan Tamil nationalism. Prabhakaran with Anton Prabhalaran and an unidentified person, a picture taken around the early s.


The LTTE was virtually demolished. They were granted conditional bail on August 6, DBSJ, The body language of MR when he landed in Sri Lanka on 17th tells ltte prabhakaran images he was positively image by the military that VP was dead and the hugging and garlenting at the airport were the sure sign of that war was virtually over after the death of VP.

Unesco, International Bureau of Education. Colonial puppets and imperialism has created deeper crisis in our country, therefore these crisis have to resolve through uprising of progressive people of Sri Lanka.

Photos of LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran’s son morphed: Sri Lanka

This was due to a gross miscalculation of course. The sad fact is that ltte prabhakaran images despot in Prabhakaran assassinated some of the most moderate, brilliant, and articulate politicians on both sides of the divide. Hunger, pain, disease, poverty and the rest is no different just because you are a tamil or sinhalese. Incidently Charles born in had cut his teeth in active combat during the recent fighting.

Shootout in Madras: When LTTE Prabhakaran’s gunshots rang in Pondy Bazaar

He only stayed back in vanni even after his family left fire zone to iamges people. Mr Jeyaraj, do you think that a South African style Truth and Reconciliation Commission could be a substitute for the way in which justice would otherwise need to operate? Most of the senior leaders are dead too.


There was no ltte prabhakaran images by the IC at that time for a war crimes tribunal on his behalf, and I suspect the call this time will be muted. Even the tiger declaration was drafted for LTTE approval. What about those count less villages, monks, commuters, women children litterally hacked to their deadths by the LTTE who never fired a single bullet at them? Like God presence ,He is alive for those who want Prabha alive.

Madras was then the hub of Tamil militant groups. Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism: Karuna has adopted right methods and Prabha didn? They sacrifice their lives for no cause.

Prabha was not believe any of those, he only believes armed struggle and overnight separation from Sri Lanka, this will be never happened but if we fight ltte prabhakaran images common goal as a one nation it will be success. It will serve everyone better if this stupidity stops altogether. DBSJ, I too believe he is dead, but it is only a belief based on my doubt that such a boxed in person could have been allowed to get out.