The first season had 40 episodes, the second had 32 episodes, and seasons three and four each had 24 episodes. But everything will change when Zumreta from walking back without Dzema. Nova TV, who commissioned TV rights for the Croatian territory and provided production to make first season. He lets Izet know who ends up going crazy and wants to kill him. Samir takes the car and brings it to Faruk. The fifth season, which aired in , had 16 episodes and the season six had 9 episodes before the series was canceled by Federalna televizija. Things get discovered after Faruk told them to put a webcam.

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Ivana and Faruk go to Ivana’s old house and later Izet and Dino come too to see what they are doing.

List of Lud, zbunjen, normalan episodes – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Lud, Zbunjen, Normalan season 4. Naravno, to nema bas puno veze niti sa dodjelom starateljstva, niti sa casovima klavira”. Meanwhile, Zumra gets fired because of peeling potatoes with Ajna’s used shaver. She opens the drawer but hits Damir. I zapamti da je spasavati propao brak, isto kao ozivljavati les”.

Edit Cast Series cast summary: Izet and Samir are arrested because of piano, which Samir has actually stolen from zbinjen. Uzgred, dzeparenje je trka na metara sa preponama, nikad ne smijes stati”. But one of the corpses refuses to cooperate The first season had 40 episodes, the second had 32 episodes, and seasons three and four each had 24 episodes.


Actually, Faruk is in love with woman with the same name.

Izet and Spomenka decide zbunhen live together, but he ends up doing the housework while she goes out normalaan has fun. After Izet collects the insurance money he promises the money to his children if he gets the nor,alan of the lottery. Izet wants to lud zbunjen normalan 2 sezona a close-up of electricity. Izet goes crazy on her and leaves her. A speaker fell on Dino’s head, which caused that Dino has written a lot of songs and earned a lot of money.

Faruk tells the story of how his studio “Accord” came about. Faruk gets a spy who spies his wife Senada. Lud, Zbunjen, Normalan season 5. Izet’s painting is vandalized. Because of it, Faruk destroyed Izet’s picture of Tito, then Izet has thrown Damir’s new LG phone from window, thinking that it is Faruk’s thing for music. Izet and Faruk are happy and get drunk. To reach the best products for rejuvenation on the story involves Samir.

Episode List

Moj brajko, snimati pilot epizodu nije maciji kasalj”. Izet accommodates a lesbian couple into his makeshift hotel by making Faruk and Damir sleep in the studio.


The episode ends with the supposed death of Izet, Faruk and Damir in a plane crash on the way to Sweden, but an after credit scene of the news program FTV indicated their survival of the plane crash by saying that 3 passengers never went on board the airplane. They are scared they had sex, but Damir remembers that Barbara and he went to San Remo where Faruk came before them.

It’s 8 March, Women’s Day. Three generations from season four onwards, four generations of the Fazlinovic family all live in a Sarajevo apartment.

Lud, zbunjen, normalan

Izet has set on fire Faruk’s picture of Keith Richard, which was important ,ud Faruk. Mahmut again came to Faruk to record video for his songs, but something really unexpected happened. Ajna and Damir wake up in bed naked with red moans on their heads. Use the HTML below. Sitcom about the staff, patients, guests and nnormalan kinds of different events in a small clinic at the end of a town.

Things get discovered after Faruk told them to put a webcam.