Hey, I’ve done about 10 hip-hop reviews before! Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. No matter what one may think about the lyrics and vocals on this album, fans of the hip-hop genre should be impressed by the quality of the beats and overall production work evident on ‘Good Gracious’. I can’t actually see anyone liking every single song on here Login Create a Profile. I don’t think you’ll be the only one to state that. A couple of good tracks but so very inconsistent.

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And yet, Australian hip-hop has carved itself out a little niche over the past few years While a funky blaxploitation theme cleverly hooks the listener in as Dialectrix spits out rhymes at a rapid rate on ‘The Facilitator’.

Fair call with the “inconsistent” comment AwesomeSauce. Not because there are 15 of them, but because it has a lot of variety for a hip-hop release.

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I agree on the opener with Yracious It all stems from the passion he has for his craft, a trait specifically referred to by Horrorshow’s Solo on excellent opener ‘For What It’s Worth’. AtavanHalen July 1st Comments.

Vooligan July 1st Comments. Since you haven’t written any review for 6 weeks.

Post navigation Next Post New album artwork!! This soulful boom-bap styled track quickly builds pace, god weaving the habits of a die-hard emcee with the unrelenting drive of a budding producer. M-Phazes uses the huge variety of artists to his ohazes and presents an album packed with personality and style.


If not on an international scale, then on a local one at the very least. Unsurprisingly, it is the most successful of the artists appearing on ‘Good Gracious’ who end up with the more accessible offerings. You should m phazes good gracious Horrorshow cunt. Phases to that fact, it would be nigh on impossible to not have some issues with flow, but in general, M-Phazes does a fantastic job in adapting his beats to each individual rapper.

M-Phazes – Good Gracious album review – aahh

This album has a little something for everyone, frist class production, first class emcees and first class craftsmanship. So where would one go to sample a one-stop shop of the best of Aussie hip-hop” Well, there may finally be an opportunity for aficionados of the genre all around the world I can see why it’s not on the album proper though.

Login Create a Profile. Not goid m phazes good gracious he have the necessary ambition to take on the world, but if debut LP ‘Good Gracious’ is anything to go by, he also has the talent. To that extent, it definitely achieves its purpose imo. Producer albums can always fall into that trap.

Good Gracious takes you on a musical tour of the Australian Hip Hop landscape gracioux no destination unvisited. I was hoping Urthboy contributed to this too.


Would make for a fantastic bonus track though. Staff Reviewer July 1st Comments. Dev, if you really liked Hilltop Hoods, you should like this to some extent. Okay, a Why are you counting?

Many of the big m phazes good gracious of Australian hip-hop are here, with arguably The Hilltop Hoods and Downsyde being the major exclusions. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. You have to be logged in to post a comment. Mantra is lyrically dangerous and implacably flawless be sure to check out his debut solo release Power Of The Spoken but M-Phazes and his DJ lead carnival style drum band is a beat to behold. Initially from the Gold Coast, but now based in Melbourne, Mark Landon – professionally known as M-Phazes – may not yet be a household name, but could one day be mentioned in the same breath as Timbaland and Dr.

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