Our crew learnt that the children share four toilets. She attributes this dismal failure to a life of hardship as a teenager, which involved being sexually abused by a close relative. Unfortunately the girl had an ageing defect, she was prematurely getting old. Over the years we have become used to evangelists, pastors and reverends telling us how great the Lord is, how giving tithes over and over again changes our lives, presumably for the better. Oct 31, 0. And it paid off, as she passed all the subjects she sat for, including English Language and Science. She later became the data entry clerk, before deciding to pursue an accounting degree which she abandoned when the call to serve the underprivileged was too much for her to resist.

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I’m still married: Mai Gunguwo

UK shames Zim embassy 6, Unknown to her, this was to mark a complete change of her life, as it was here that she was to meet her future husband, Apostle Tatenda Gunguwo. We have 18 registered homes in Harare and mai gunguwo do not have any in Borrowdale. She said a child indeed died at her place recently.

They forget that women do have sensations gungwuo well, and gunguwi those need to be attended to. Gunguwo is also a leader mai gunguwo Eternal Word Ministries International, under whose auspices the unregistered home is operating.

So when the man comes mai gunguwo, after eight hours drooling on the net, the best remedy is to dress him down, and not with words, but with sensual actions. The man said the home housed 72 children and most of them were in nearby Hatcliffe gumguwo primary and secondary schools.


I’m still married: Mai Gunguwo

Zimbabwe bans mass weddings. And she testifies equally, for she says she raised an orphaned girl, and she had to assume the role of mother and aunt, a role that she says she is proud of today, because that girl is going into the bedroom well-equipped. Yet the demanded gadgets are mai gunguwo for other, non-essential, entities, when your husband is there. There is that breed of men who get into the bedroom, get up there — and mai gunguwo times snore soundly.

Marriage brought happiness to Mai Gunguwo, but that dissipated when she realised how badly she lacked in grooming and in the understanding of some core life issues. Nestled in the leafy suburb of Borrowdale in Harare, the home is an eyesore, with dozens of children crammed in squalid conditions. Gunguwo said the children were from rural areas where her church has a strong presence: This is a one-off special edition, sparked by none other than Mai Gunguwo, whose approach to bedroom matters has become viral on mai gunguwo networks.

They even stay with some of the children at their family residence. She started vomiting and she died, my employees reported the case to the police who ordered a post-mortem.

Mai Gunguwo said the home is indeed unregistered but was operating under the auspices of her church business. Mai Gunguwo said social welfare authorities informed her that mai gunguwo would facilitate registration of the home. Oct 31, 0.


Sex tutor Mai Gunguwo runs illegal home

ED faces protests 9, 3. We are going to close that home. She says, I am sure with mai gunguwo bucketful of experience, that men need an imaginative woman, an adventurous partner.

Government officials say the home is unregistered, hence should cease its operations. Yet the treatment is very simple, very affordable.

The church leader said the home is financed by her church and friends. Feb 24, Dec 27, A Daily News on Sunday crew visited the home in Borrowdale last week. In contrast to figures given by her gardener, she said the house accommodated 42 children and only 25 were remaining at the premises.

The buildings looked too small to accommodate 72 children. We are paying fees for a number of orphans in communities. Mai Gunguwo running illegal home. Mugabe mired in war hero’s death 7, 4. Readers mai gunguwo kindly requested to refrain from using abusive, vulgar, racist, tribalistic, sexist, discriminatory and hurtful language when posting their comments on the Daily News website.