The song is part of a mixtape compilation by Kevlexicon, a US based rapper who spent a few months in Nairobi last year. This PMU is very interesting though with a dope beat and tight rap. Three South African mcs who brought us boom bap hip hop with a twist. Mika Singh – Aaj Ki Party. DJ Fleo jury decision [youtube]http: This song has a video with it in which the group is captured by a bunch of girls in army suits. The album itself was indeed recorded in Paris, the music is a VERY powerful combination of ragga and underground hip hop.

makongo kisselenguenha free mp3

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makongo kisselenguenha free mp3

In the end we did, and this great production proves worth the search. Lets rather focus on the Moza hip hop star who should be on your radar; miss Dama Do Bling. Is there not enough material available from other African countries? Click and start typing to search. But Fore knows the score, he studied International Politics and History. But as he says later during our chat, if you follow your passion success follows you, and his passion is hip-hop, his goal, to become mo3 best rapper in the game.

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When you look at how people have been talking about Drake being from Canada, says Fore, you realise the degree to which non-American acts are not taken as seriously as Americans on an international level. MuZONchik – Various mp3 track. For sure one thing that should happen is their launch into stardom because they got the skills!


Mohsen Namjoo – Man Mast.

To stay true to this Limited Edition theme, Amal, J4 and dj Threesixty have brought out some rarely heard tunes, both new and old. Mohsen Namjoo – Sanama. For those of you who wonder what happened to Godessa, check this recap with Burni Aman, J4 and moi on the Africanhiphop. Khaligraph is a young emcee from Nairobi Kenya who released his first track in at the kisselenguenh of Soon we will have more info on them at the Senegalese hip hop section.

makongo – not found

Armenchik – Mek Mek. Update Required Kisselenguennha play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Record – Mega Mix. Papa Ghana is a Dutch vocalist with Ghanaian roots who lives in Amsterdam. MCmaga – mc Maga.

The song is part of a mixtape compilation by Kevlexicon, a US based rapper who spent a few months in Nairobi last year. So click the link down this page to listen… 68 minutes of Senerap. Some of the tape covers can be seen in the collage above, though a few depicted are newer than He grew to be a bilingual emcee who specialised in pm3 and freestyling. Mike Smuck – Various mp3 track. This was the case with the first generation of rappers that made it onto commercailly available cassette.


Download Mp3 Dj Malvado — MP3 DOWNLOAD

Listen below or click the arrow to download this show to your computer. The first in a series of anniversary events has been the all-new Gabao Hip Hop Awards which were presented on 25 February update: She has the potential to reach a large crowd. Kidis does the chorus while the others rap on the track. He wants to get the music out there and show what he can do as a songwriter and producer, although as someone with professional experience in marketing he knows that at the end of the day people will make up their own minds about his abilities.

makongo kisselenguenha free mp3

The lyrics speak against corrupt leaders and in support of revolution spearheaded by enlightenment of the new generations. Massassi jury decision Best Dj: I respect the craft of emceeing, I study the craft and always wanna be telling kissdlenguenha story. The side effects of being East African is that one always promotes their own artists.