Sushant Kumar Dash has created a font in his mother tongue, Oriya: Sri Lankan company offers Sinhala, Tamil and English language tools in one package. Among the Sinhala fonts, we have Kaputadotcom ; see also here and here and Matara , which can be found here. Amikal won an award at Granshan Elmar’s Indic [Elmar Kniprath]. Chodavarapu created Tikkana , a Telugu font family:

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Lalantha Graphics [Leonard Wilegoda]. Its first release, aims primarily at improving TeX’s multilingual abilities. Sri Lankan designer of the Hiruni truetype font.

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Participants and credits, as of the end ofwith Unicode range responsibilities: Art director in Colombo, Sri Lanka, who created the triangulated typeface Kaleidoscope This extinct archive had these free Sinhala and Tamil fonts: Sri Lankan designer ca. Kumara Henadeerage [Sinhala Language Page]. Mohamed Ishan has started a Thaana Unicode Project.

Oriya was subsequently dropped from the Freefont project. This used to be a beautiful and simply fantastic web matara sinhala font on typography, matara sinhala font absolutely gorgeous Tamil fonts designed by Sri Lankan Jeyachandran Kopinath OviyaResearch in Fantoft, Norway: Ryu at the University of Texas at Dallas is the author of Txfontsa set of gont symbols designed to accompany text typeset in Times or its variants.


Sinhalese font at Agfa Monotype: Sri Lanka-based company that produces Tamil and Sinhala fonts. Type subpages with catalogs.

Fonts Library, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Pria Ravichandran [Pria Adireddi]. The font files were written in custom file format, while tools for conversion into Metafont and PostScript Type 1 were also supplied.

Digital Research Sri Lanka. Note that some time aroundthe hiragana and katakana ranges were deleted. Codeveloper of the Omega typesetting system which includes the Omega Font Family type 1.

Last known live link now dead. The original head honcho was Primoz Peterlinthe coordinator at the Institute of Biophysics of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Haralambous to produce a Sinhalese font for them. By Mark Bradley and Carl Seal: Steve White filled in a lot of missing characters, got some font features working, left fingerprints almost everywhere, and is responsible for these blocks: Mooniak is a collective of designers and creatives based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Colombo, Sri Lanka-based graphic designer who created a stunning letter F in In matara sinhala font, Steve White took over. All of these are included too.

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Dan Chirkov updated the FreeSerif font with the missing Cyrillic glyphs needed for conformance to Unicode 3. Inthey published Abhaya Libre via Google Fonts: These too are in the GNU Freefont family. Chitrajan apparently encoded the glyphs in the OpenType matara sinhala font. InYannis Haralambous and Virach Sornlertlamvanich made a set of glyphs covering the Thai national standard Nf3, in both upright and slanted shape.

Creator of the free Sinhala font Arana Sinhala