The more advanced Gantt view also allows you to take Mind-Maps and convert them to project plans. Views Read Edit View history. The new Sound File feature allows a user to capture and record any audio commentary and include that as an attachment on a mind map branch. Buy Now Free Trial. Describe products or processes, scenarios or alternatives, and capture that information on-the-fly using the new Sound File feature in MindView 4. Whether you are looking to optimize the initial planning stage or make Gantt Charts easier to overview, MindView is the right Mind Mapping Software for you! The zoom factor is also adjusted automatically for maximum visibility.

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With the industry’s best Microsoft Office integration available for mind mapping software, MindView Online guarantees return on investment.

Argument mappingconcept mappingand mind mapping software. Presentation Mode The presentation mode allows you to present your mind map in a linear fashion focusing on 1 branch at a time, with options for branch level display. MindView is a comprehensive Gantt Chart software. MindView 4 – Upgrade Features.

Combined with a streamlined Mac-friendly interface and the industry’s best Microsoft Office integration available for mind mapping software, MindView Mac guarantees a clear understanding of ideas and increases ROI for mind mapping users. A mind map is an matchware mindview 4 way to create an outline for written documents such as essays or research papers. MindView allows you to brainstorm your project plan in a mind map or a work breakdown structure WBS and transfer the plan into our built-in Gantt ChartTimeline or export to Microsoft Project.

MeetingBooster Professional Meeting Management. MeetingBooster Professional Meeting Matchware mindview 4.

Visual Action Plans The Timeline is also an effective way of helping you brainstorm action-plans matchwarr then converting them to a timeline and even a calendar item. MindView is Perfect For: The ability to lock certain users out of mindvied branches gives the owner the power 44 control the flow of work, the allocation of tasks and adds a safe guard to ensure that the file is accessed, updated and collaborated on by the rightful users.


Brainstorm topics, storyboard presentations, enhance meeting discussions and improve white board sessions. Integration with Microsoft Office A mind map is an ideal way to create matchware mindview 4 outline for written documents such as essays or research papers Brainstorm ideas for headings and sub-headings Visually generate a hierarchy and chronological order using drag and drop Use the text editor to associate text and research information on each branch Capture information from online sources Cite and reference your work within MindView Export to Word or PowerPoint as a linear structure.

Mind Mapping Software Mac | MindView Mac

Simplified User Interface By activating the new Simplified User Interface, MindView 4 minimizes the number of tools available in the ribbon, providing only the most frequently matchware mindview 4 tools in an easy to access system.

MindView Mind Mapping Software The global leader in mind mapping software MindView is a professional Mind Mapping software that allows you to optimize brainstorming sessions and mindvisw ideas visually.

Retrieved 29 May Access and playback the recording from the branch or include it in one of the exports, ensuring that you have all of the important data organized and ready for review. Retrieved 31 May Using MindView Mac as your mind mapping matchware mindview 4 brings you the power of 6 interchangeable views, the ability to take notes, attach files and add visuals to the branches.

MindView 4 Business 4.150

Views Read Edit View history. MindView has made it easy to upload your project to SharePoint. The Citation Tool MindView education mind mapping software allows you to generate citations without having to open 3rd party software. Formatting of Branch Data MindView 4 now allows you to format branch data. This feature combined with the new map styles allows user to customize the look and minfview of the mind map to better visualize their projects.


An intuitive pack-and-go feature ensures that all file attachments and data are stored within the MindView document, making it easy to email or archive MindView Matchwate projects. Alternatively, use the Shared Matchware mindview 4 add on to collaborate with your team in real-time, distribute tasks, and receive a task status. When it comes to mind mapping software mac, mimdview get what you pay for.

Selecting an item in the list of changes highlights the corresponding branch in the mind map so that the change is easily identified. MindView is Ideal For: Categories Argument mapping Concept mapping software Mind mapping software Visual thinking Knowledge representation List. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Professionally designed Word, PowerPoint and Excel matchware mindview 4 templates allow you to convert your mind map into a matchware mindview 4 presentation with the click of mwtchware mouse. Add matchwzre or times to your branches and switch to the Timeline view to see the information displayed along a horizontal time axis. MindView 4, the next generation of mind mapping software, enables anyone to plan, execute and collaborate like never before.