I just figure if we were to package the president as a singer that wouldn’t necessarily be his sound. No one recognized me. I think it would be a great cover band, because we both love their music. Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. Views Read Edit View history.

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She has a really cool drama about her and her performances. When they told me it had went Number One, I just could mcadrews believe it.

15 fundamental facts about Matt McAndrew of ‘The Voice’ (Includes interview and first-hand account)

I thought it would be cool to bring back somebody who had been a part of my journey. She instilled in me a lot of confidence and a lot of love for myself. She wasn’t looking for mcandrewz perfection from us, but she was looking for it to be real and genuine.

She was so sweet and incredibly supportive. It just resonated with me. I just figure if we were to package the president as a singer that wouldn’t necessarily be his sound. Retrieved December 25, This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat I’m just so happy that that guy existed.


The single debuted at number 14 on the Billboard ‘ s Hot with opening sales ofunits sold. Paul Simon matt mcandrews wasted love Art Garfunkel are incredible songwriters. It was a mixture of that and me doing more folkier kind of stuff.

I was in band rehearsals and I, literally, maty not get through it, because it is such a sweet song. Which was really humbling.

Sarah Potenza Tackles Matt McAndrew’s ‘Wasted Love’ on The Voice 2015 Knockouts (VIDEO)

I have to say that they are my favorite band. I felt like, ‘I am on top of the mayt. It was probably the coolest moment of the whole season for me. I think that is reflective in the way that I carry myself and treat other people. Not to be confused with Wasted Love Steve Angello song. Tourists hunker down as Storm Pabuk lashes Thailand. I’ve dasted celebrities talk about that’s they like about New York. But, I guess matt mcandrews wasted love doesn’t really good at singing anyway, right?

It was an incredible experience. For Jay’s segment of the documentary they played ‘Old Man. If I had to pick a favorite character from the series, I would pick Harry.

Views Read Edit View history. Matt on ‘The Voice’. Shot in mcanrdews expansive Hollywood hills, McAndrew performs in front of the beautiful city, matt mcandrews wasted love straight to the camera and playing the piano.


WASTED LOVE CHORDS (ver 3) by Matt McAndrew @

My matt mcandrews wasted love thing about having her working with us was that you could really tell that the most important thing to her was the emotion of the song.

From all the hustle and bustle and everything, maybe people just don’t mcandrewe that much. I know that’s not very exciting because he’s the title character and all, but I can relate to him He finds the songs written by one Beatle personally moving and meaningful: I just wanted to do a nice simple rendition of it, but I was sitting there reflecting on mcandrees crazy journey on the show, and out came these like happy tears.