Even professional athletes and body builders don’t do to their max 6 days a week for months and years on end. True I am 40 and I work two pretty active jobs, see clients and whatnot. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Transform 1 Note on this: The body types include Omnicentric for those who gain weight all over; Hipcentric for those with a small waist, big hips and big thighs; Abcentric if you gain weight in the midsection or have a thick waist or Glutecentric for those of us with as Tracy say’s a droopy, shapeless behind. Thank you so very much buddies!

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Notify me of new posts by email. I will say my butt never looked better. Homemade eggs for breakfast, lots of greens and vegetables with lean protein for lunch and dinner.

My Review of Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis | Eclectic Eating Chicago

My new program will change daily and it will be about “body movement” that I love. Food just sits in my gut if I don’t move and burn it off.

LitzyDitz’s Book List. Sometimes I like the feel of a more strenuous workout. A little angel at Sports Authority told me that it’s better to buy a cheap pair of Asics with metamorphoxis arch support than the most expensive pair of Nike or New Balance shoes.


Yes, Tracy recommends doing her routine 6 days a week which includes one metamorphossi hour of dance cardio which is actually more metamorphosis tracy anderson hipcentric plyometrics and a half hour of her toning program. I extremely LOVE this blog!!

Tracy Anderson – Metamorphosis – Hipcentric – Transform 01-10

I didn’t try Metamorphosis to lose weight. Andy and I want to get there soon like within the next year. I wanted to break down and cry every time I was about to throw in a DVD. My hat is off to you on your special working.

Zuma Nelson October 1, at At least an metamorphosis tracy anderson hipcentric a day?! I’m built a bit like GP although shorter so I ordered the Glutecentric series. True I am 40 and I work two pretty active jobs, see clients and whatnot.

Metamorphosis Hipcentric Tracy Anderson Kit DVDs Workout Fitness Videos

So much so that I had to use a mini-trampoline to metamorphosis tracy anderson hipcentric some of the moves. Usually what has worked for me is the concept of getting so caught up in the fitness programs I love that a great body is just a by-product of my activity and not THE GOAL.

I never ever saw such blogs and the knowledge you have given that is accurately to the point and in simple wording, I like it! Read these ChicagoNow Bloggers.


You pretty much go straight into it. Required reading for the city’s see-and-be-seen set. I usually love to workout so this was a new feeling for me! I typically workout 6 days a week but I alternate the intensity.

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Days Review – A Time To Kale

I have to say I’m an arch-support Asics Believer now. The information you have given in the blog really marvelous and more interesting. I lost about half metamorphosis tracy anderson hipcentric inch from my waist at least during the beginning when I had the energy to do the program days a week.

City Winery Best of Featuring: Comments Leave a comment. Thanks for such amazing blog! PatriciaBiesen on Eclectic Eating Chicago. By PatriciaBiesenAugust 11, at Arokawa ConChi March 25, at Metamorphosis is a day program with 9 discs of toning exercises designed for specific body types, a cardio DVD, and Tracy’s recommended eating plan.