Notify me when there is a new review. But the reason to kill Gandhijee had to do something with the miseries suffered by the refugees after partition, Gandhijee’s stance to let majority suffer for minority in that area and his persistant pressurising the Government for giving Pakistan benefit that they never deserved to be given. This particular play was banned by the Government as it was of the view that the play will lead to projecting Nathuram as Hero as against the Gandhijee who also happens to be the one where all Congressmen look forward while talking abt their party’s I wont be able explain it in my words as my skills are too short to do justice to it. Although he was the one who taken away life from Gandhi, he never sounded to be anti-Gandhi. To justify genuineness of your review kindly attach purchase proof Browse. When he becomes above the nation and his thoughts overtake the priorities of the majority in the nation Nathuram will emerge somewhere!

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This is a regular play on stage. It ran 13 successful shows but was banned thereafter, by the governments of Maharashtra and Kerala.

Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy – Wikipedia

I wont be able explain it in my words as my skills are too short to do justice to it. Comment on this review. I agree that plays are more acceptible mediums. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The play as well as the review needed to be a detailed one to clear the sides and to sail thru all controversies. When the lead actor Sharad Ponkshe playing Nathuram Godsay emerges as the Nathuram himself at the start of bathuram Marathi play relatively unknown side of the history starts to unfold before the audience.


Marathi Natak – Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy Part – 1 2 – Kunal Limaye & Sanjay Belose[240P]

In Februarythe play re-opened to a packed house at the same Gadkari Rangayatan, in Thane. Naatak wish I could see the play but Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy Poster. But Gandhi’s assisination was promoted by something else and not the ideologies. This play is not recommended for the people who have pre-conceived notions that they natqk have about the events in history based on the wrong information or doctored and projected information.

In Dalvi was denied permission by the Maharashtra government to stage the play. This particular statement may cause a furor in minds of people but this was the beauty of the play. Pitching the character of Nathuram as the anchor for whole play, use of a small and simple set, use of a projector to show the historical monuments to relate the happenings and powerful dialogues makes Vinay Apte stand out in his own powerful way. They hanged me for doing this particular act of ending Gandhi’s life, but the Nahuram Godsay is alive today, he still exists.

The person who has been mis-understood as the Villain in the Indian history unfolds his own story on natnuram stage beginning with mi nathuram godse boltoy natak of his plan to end Gandhi’s life and ending with him getting hanged till death.

I have read the banned book written by Nathuram Godse nthuram Retrieved 10 April This page ni last edited on 2 Octoberat Thank you for rating this Product. Experiencing the actors playing in flesh, in front of you, a couple of feet away from you is itself very gripping and involves the audience.


We’ll contact you shortly. Reply as a Brand. It has been written by Pradeep Dalvi Mauli productions. Jul 01, Two platoons of state reserve police and regular policemen under the direction of senior officers provided security.

Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy – मी नथुराम गोडसे बोलतोय – DVD

Well I admit to my lack of information on N Godse Gandhi died and Godsay born on that day. This particular play utilises this direct mode of interaction with the audience in utmost power and makes us feel part of the historical boltyo.

World recognises and remembers me as the one who ended Gandhi’s life on January 30, Notify me when there is a new review. Whereas vadh is taking away life from the person who has committed grave crime mi nathuram godse boltoy natak. I guess this play and that film have given voice to the people who were opposed to the ideologies of Gandhi. If I say in English, I killed Gandhi or in Hindi, Maine Gandhi ka khun kiya then I’m a killer, I’m a sinner and I belong to the nathurzm genre of people who kill people for their own motives irrespective of the goodness or badness of the person who is being killed.