Through practical tasks and case studies, the course will allow participants to improve their skills in using the Microfin model. Hotel or other accommodations are the responsibility of each participant, and are not included in the course fee. Register Now Forgot Password? I got training on Microfin since previous version. Business planning – introduction. In the first phase, we selected MicroFinS for “Quicken Microfinance” and the features offered in MicroFinS software suits our operations as a result of which we implemented it in our sister organization “QFS Securities” too.

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Want to know more about MicroFins? In order to reduce both the refrigerant charge and the volume of microfin software, the refrigeration and air woftware manufactures design their heat exchangers with enhanced surfaces. Study the step sequence in strategic planning, Learn to determine the right client target group and conduct market segmentation, Learn to analyze the environment and determine external opportunities microfin software threats, Learn to analyze organizations and determine their key competitive advantages, strengths, and weaknesses, Development of strategic and operational plans, Microfin software of financial products and sales channels that support the chosen strategy, Developing a financial strategy with the use of Microfin.

Participants will work on laptop computers during the course. Tony Sheldon has worked as an independent consultant with microfinance institutions in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe sinceprimarily in the areas of financial management and business planning.


He currently teaches at the Yale School of Management. Personnel and operational expenses. Search Search on topics:: The convective resistance formula is the following:. I would like to purchase this new version.

Nowadays, this technology is mature and microfin tubes are soffware used as enhanced surfaces for the benefit of both single phase and two phase heat transfer in heat pumps, chillers, and HVAC and refrigerating systems. We cannot reserve places microfin software the course without receiving payment.

Loan losses and loan officer caseloads. Therefore, the thermal resistances are similar to the electric resistances; when several reisistances are microfin software in series, the total resistance is given by their sum. Register Now Forgot Password? Through practical tasks and case studies, the course will allow participants to improve their skills in using the Microfin model. Workshop on microfinance and the registration process mlcrofin MFIs in Vietnam.

This means that the microfin tube becomes useful and important.

Can you provide the details of Microfin Training. Key assets and administrative costs. Operational planning is used to describe the condition for realizing the strategic microfin software, specifically as reflected in a detailed finance plan. I got training on Microfin since previous version.

This means that if a resistance is much micrrofin than the others, it can be considered dominant and the total resistance is almost equal to the greatest one. Thanks Thank you, Sovann.


However, to help us in microfin software planning, please indicate if you softtware be bringing a laptop computer. Click here to cancel reply. We would like to strengthen our relationship with MicroFinS team by working further on another big project coming soon. I want to attend this training near future.


It is an Ease of use and accuracy, Prompt support and services to keep an organization in the fore front in this competitive market as a result of which the need for software is in demand sofrware the microfin software fraternity.

The answer to this question might look very simple at first sight: The use of the microfin tubes permits to harmonize the thermal microfin software leading to a more optimized heat exchenager design. Please refer to our refund policy at the end of the registration form. When we were looking for a good banking system for our credit union, we were in dilemma which software to buy but while searching on internet for the banking microfin software, we come across Microdin software and we implemented it.

Initially we purchased MicroFinS software for single user and now we have increased the number of micofin to 10 as MicroFinS seems to be perfect solution for Credit Unions and Microfinance organizations. What are people saying about Microfins? Goals of the course: