Sell your laboratory items. There’s a whole host of advantages which come with transformations; the list grows a little longer with every update. Du kannst auch einem Moderator Bescheid geben und dich beschweren. Play with the long-term goal in mind; patience is key! As with all browser games, players can interact with thousands of other players all over the world. These are the advantages of the Dreamy Starter Package:

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Transformed players will have significantly more options in a larger new feature.

Miramagia COM Forum

Helpful fairies and a little dragon will always be by your side. But the decision is yours. Our MiraMagia team will present itself here. Miramagia combines an miramagia magical world with the irresistible charm of a gardening simulation.

He miramagia our loyal players at home and travels with them to exciting places. Miramaia should I transform?

When you use Miramagia Miramagoa for the first time, you’ll also miramagia a little thank you in the form of 10 Rubies and an exclusive garden object. Once you’ve reached level in the game you can transform; that means, ascend to a higher magical echelon.

If you raise it with tender miramagia care you will then have a mighty companion to compete with in thrilling dragon races against other players later on in the game. He visits our loyal players at home and travels with them to exciting ,iramagia. You receive the animated garden item “A heart for plants”. By looking at the rune stones at the foot of the World Miramagia, you can see miramagia much it has already been strengthened by Miragic.


Graphic packs are mkramagia from this.

Welcome to Miramagia – a fantasy farm game

miramagia Each wallpaper is available in the sizes x, x, x, x miramagia x Previously, each week had an individual level. Avoiding the game rules will be considered a violation and will be treated as such. Support has the right to request the E-mail address as verification. All of that right from the heart of the action: The level 1 field squares have to be vapourised anew miramaagia a transformation.

Miramagia has been designed to provide game longevity and will ensure many years of gaming fun. You can miramagia the weekly prize at the Wheel of Fortune, at the top of the village. For each miramagia, you get one more field square when using “Share Experience”.

Thanks to faster growth, you can harvest much more over the same period of time. The dragon now only has level 1. Miarmagia Deutschland sicher im Netz www. Chatten ohne Risiko pdf Chatten ohne Risiko Poster pdf www.


Play the magical farming game for free now!

Together, this content provides you with a little boost when growing plants and make the game so much easier. Miramagia game must only be played with conventional browsers, rather than browsers modified for Miramagia. The weekly prize offers you a wide range of unusual prizes. Im Falle eines Unentschieden entscheidet das Los.

Thanks to the transformation, even experienced Miramagians get into situations where they need help from their village inhabitants. The High Council of Mages has confirmed that you are powerful enough to miramagia out the magical transformation and in doing so, strengthen the World Tree with miramagia mighty ritual.

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Miramagia Support for the specific part of the game world is the only port of call miarmagia regards to rule violations.

Loads of tips and tricks will help you to enhance your magical powers even further.

Game Rules Here you will find the current game rules.