May 29 New binaries for Ubuntu Oneiric previously broken and Precise At least for the officicial repository we should avoid this transition trouble. How can I allow whitelist traffic for a combination of IPs, ports, or applications? Finally I dropped the transitional packages from moblock, blockcontrol and mobloquer to pgl. It’s the value after “inet” of the interface that you use for networking. Nominated for Jaunty by Brent Newland.

moblock linux

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Packages for moblock, blockcontrol mpblock mobloquer are also available for: You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Aug 23 PeerGuardian Linux 2. So you must not open that port.

Bug # “[needs-packaging] PeerGuardian Linux” : Bugs : Ubuntu

The current release contains mainly miblock changes that accumulated the whole last year. This helps you to find out, which blocklist is responsible for a certain block. For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact jre. PeerGuardian is a privacy oriented firewall application. This can be done interactively this command will show you the log in real-time.


There are several possibilities to solve your problems: Look at the log to check if you are unsure. Nov 11 Please welcome “PeerGuardian Linux 2. In the default configuration MoBlock starts at system boot and some preconfigured blocklists are updated once a day.

Why did you install MoBlock? Aug 14 pgl 2. The information about this bug joblock Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug.

For the three packages one after the other the current working directory is changed to the source directory, the source and binary packages are built and the package is installed.

This is advanced stuff, and you won’t find a complete answer here, sorry! This is important especially llnux MoBlock blocks sites that it should not block.

moblock linux

Then, run the following in terminal. How do I keep it installed, without having it run at startup?

Install the packages

Choose your Ubuntu version Xenial To post a comment you must log in. Generally you should first decide on the correct set of blocklists. Jan 23 pgl 2. My internet is slow since I installed MoBlock! This is mainly a bug fix release. Open source instant messaging GnuPG: PeerGuardian Linux is actively developed. To reduce the burden of maintaining two projects I moved all documentation from here to the peerguardian project.


Keep the list small, to get a better protection. How can I allow whitelist traffic on certain ports? They aren’t developed any more. There you see live every blocked IP and you can whitelist it directly. This makes sure that the sending application is notified immediately that its traffic was blocked in contrast to DROPped packets, where no notification is sent, so that the application waits quite long and then gives up.

moblock linux