The name of the test is shown in the title bar, and the two listboxes will contain all of the currently defined regular variables. If you are importing multiple data sets, you can automatically prefix the variable names with the value in the Prefix box. If the first row for column format , or first column for row format does not contain the names of the variables, check the No var. When you have finished entering the data, click on the Add button if you wish to define additional variables or the Done button. For example, the six values of “2” could be specified as 6 2 [the parentheses aren’t required but are advisable].

mstat statistical software

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Accession; Biomass; Bromus tectorum; Elymus elymoides; Seedling. Showing the new variables to the output window gives. Show the data in the output window.

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Harvests of above-ground biomass of squirreltail and cheatgrass within each treatment were conducted in July of and A more comprehensive reference statitsical follows.

The column and row headings must each be one word consisting of alphanumeric characters with no spaces within the name. Mstat does a number of fairly simple plots, including histograms of sample distributions, a variety of bar graphs, survival plots, X-Y plots for statisticla data, regression analyses, power plots, and dot plots for comparing several sample distributions.

Using biomass production as a measure of efficient nitrogen use, cheatgrass competed for and used nitrogen resources more efficiently than squirreltail when nitrogen was not limiting. The four tabs allow you to modify the size of the plot, the size or text of the labels or captions; the ranges of the axes, tic size or tic interval; the shape, size, or color of the symbols; and the contents or position of the plot key.


We will also import similar data from an Excel spreadsheet that was saved as a “CSV” comma-separated variable file.

To start the program, choose Mstat 6. A field experiment was conducted to determine: If you find that you have entered some of the data incorrectly e.

Enter the types that you wish to use to partition the variable in the Groups edit box exactly as they appear in the Available types box. The dialog box will stay mstatt to allow additional editing until Done is pressed. After choosing the two available variables and then the table, you should see the following in the output window: For example, if your data were in an Excel file, you could open the spreadsheet, highlight the column or row sofgware cells that contained the desired data, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into the edit window tabs or other white space characters are ignored.

mstat statistical software

User support is available via fax, email, or telephone. If you don’t close the plot window by clicking the close button at the upper right borderall open plots will be closed when you exit the program.

Mstat Help – Tutorial

You should enter numbers in simple e. Both Fisher’s exact test and the Chi-square test allow analysis of a set of one or more tables. You can print the contents of the output window to the current default printer by choosing Print from the File menu or pressing the Print output button and save it to a text file by choosing Softwarf output from the File menu.

mstat statistical software

Choose Dot plot from the Plot menu and select both variables as described above for Descriptive statistics to get the following dialog box: To subdivide a regular variable according to an indicator, choose Classify from the Data menu to get the following dialog box: The output shows a table with the number of observations, mean, and standard deviation for the two samples.


A square or rectangular lattice design can be created if the number of factor levels is latticeable two or three replicates or a one factor RCB design. The Master Accession file includes breeding material information accession number, descriptors, name, source and pedigree and can be updated. You can enter the data as a table in the edit box with appropriate column and row mstqt.

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Although, in statisticsl case, each indicator is represented by a single character A, H, or Xan indicator variable can contain any arbitrary data for example, the entries could be “homozygous”, “heterozygous”, and “unknown”.

For our data, choose Wilcoxon from the Test menu. Skip to main content.

mstat statistical software

Select the appropriate variable type, choose the name of the variable to be edited from the list box highlight the desired name and double-click or statistkcal enter. Wilcoxon rank sum test Sample N Mean St. For a regular variable, if the edit window contains non-numeric data or data that doesn’t evaluate to a list of numbers in Jyou will see an error message, and you’ll be given the opportunity to edit the data.

MSTAT is a complete package containing all the programs listed below.