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Mujihi na Otoko – Drama CD – Track 06 by 鈴木忍 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This is the sequel to Koi ja nai kedo. We ask that you please do not share or upload them. Google drive is meh…. Sorry for them not being in complete order since they are separated in 2 categories to define which ones we did and which ones are from other up-loaders. Will the head-strong, stubborn VP finally come to terms with his feelings…!? Yes i was in transition then with styles lol. Can they finally reach an understanding and solve their miscommunication?

Please please try to re-upload to make the series complete.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Kissing is not the only thing… but is this friendship?! Will the two become mujjihi Towa Aikawa is the school delinquent and Mikado Shirahane is the hottest, smartest guy in school, and even though they had sex multiple times, neither of them has mention if they were offically a couple yet.


He found himself invaded by Shinonome in his own bedroom, in the library, everywhere! You are commenting using your WordPress. After a disastrous date, Towa is internally fighting how much he wants to validate his feelings to Mikado and put an label on their relationship. However, it only pushed Shinonome to go to the extreme!

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[Drama CD] Mujihi na Anata

Mujihi Na Anata part 6 was deleted. Volumes missing are available online by other uploaders. Im really sorry it needs to be rerendered because this series has so many copyrights in the past.

Warui Series characters, Nanao and Kuon, now star in their own love story!

Mujihi na Otoko Track 8 BL Drama CD (End)

Thank you so much! This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thats my playlist lol from like a long time ago wtf!!


Mujihi na Otoko – Drama CD – Track 5 by 鈴木忍 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Email required Address never made public. Out of desperation, he found his only defense was to treat Shinonome coldly so he could keep his sanity intact. Yes Thank you for letting us know, I will no longer update those links from other uploaders, I think the anats deleted her account, sadly I wont be doing those…not yet anyways tooo many mujihi na anata drama cd The Student Council has their eye on Towa Aikawa the school delinquent. More of this series pls.

I really appreciate all the effort your team puts in to your projects and love the videos.

A lot more steamy action is included in this series than in its prequel. The only person who knows about his secret is his childhood friend, Shinonome, the number-one problem student in the school!