Dummy Size — sets the size of MultiScatter Gizmo at view port. Main differences of MultiScatter in comparison to VrayScatter. However, in case of total replacement of a PC we reserve the right to not provide a new license more often than once in half a year. Regular and random scattering of objects over any surface or along a spline. Vertex Paint Important note! In case the additional variation of texture with random deviation is necessary you just need to checkmark the Mix with Color option. Intensity — the intensity, the density of the arrangement depending on the settings of collisions.

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MultiScatterTexture is able also to define different colour tones for the mixing materials, maps, etc. This allows the application of polygon tutoria without missing productivity and capacity of RAM.

With this option turned on every single change in MultiScatter parameters is previewed in real-time mode except the number of objects during rendering and animation settings. After that, you can select objects with the mouse and manipulate them just like regular objects in 3ds max. MultiScatterTexture may be applied both to multiscqtter MultiScatter objects and to any other objects at the scene.

You can use only one spline. Change of seed value leads to the multiscatter tutorial of new random colour scheme. MultiScatter is created to solve these problems. MultiScatter includes all VrayScatter features such as: When you are in sub object, menu Selection — becomes available. Place the prepared valley texture in the Color section of the scatter settings. The result of collisions multiscatter tutorial the objects belonging to the same MultiScatter is presented in viewport.


Unhide Myltiscatter – unhide all sub-objects. You can control regular distribution with UVW Mapping as usual texture. Now with MultiScatter it is possible to create the whole forest of wind-shaken woods. Dealing multiscatter tutorial looped animation of objects it is highly recommended to select the Loop animation type. It is possible to select the type of object preview at view ports from bounding boxes Multixcatter to pyramids Pyramidor turn multiscatter tutorial preview at all None.

And now you would like your 3D valley to be alike this photo in the matter of colouring. As a result the multiplied grass objects will be coloured in valley texture imitation. Texture plate consists of 8 colours and each colour has tones. Final colour comes as the result of random mix of initial colours according multixcatter the established proportion.

MultiScatter Tutorial: Using Move options | CG TUTORIAL

Usually it is enough to confine to some fixed set of time shifts. Please make sure you download and install latest version from our forum and confirm that update tutorizl successful by checking version number in About multiscatter tutorial of MultiScatter.

Single option makes a single animation of the object, without any repetition. MultiPainter has the ability to manipulate move, rotate, scale, copy objects it contains.


MultiScatterTexture solves this problem. Z Recovery — this setting makes the object rotate so that its Y axis get the same direction as its Z axis deflection — like it is shown in the picture below: Constant settings make all multiscatter tutorial rotate at the same angle.

MultiScatter Tutorials

multiscatter tutorial If set to 0 – an object can be completely inside the other, at – the objects do not intersect. Evidently, multiscatter tutorial results of combining all these animation types are not always predictable. This allows using MultiScatter as a modelling tool and other rendering engines can be used other than V-Ray and Mental Ray. Regular and random scattering of objects over any surface or along a spline.

Do not remove original objects after their selection for MultiScatter. In case the distance between the bigger objects is preferable to be kept, but the smaller objects are desirable to be moved closer to the bigger ones, the collision spheres of the bigger objects may be placed a bit higher so that the smaller objects may be placed closer to them.

However, in case of total replacement of a PC we reserve the right to not provide a new license more often than once in half a year.