Sertanejo Tradicional We’ve used this unofficial term to describe the music that still holds favour with the region’s older generations. Imagine Ricky Martin mixed with a dash of a young Clint Eastwood and you get the idea. Notable artists of this genre include: Buy CDs as you travel. From Goias originally, but the pair are frequent travellers into the Pantanal taking advantage of the region’s sport fishing.

musica magoa de boiadeiro sergio reis

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musica magoa de boiadeiro sergio reis

This means that you still can’t buy the tracks through iTunes even when you’re actually in Brazil. This will also need a second email address which differs from the one used by your existing iTunes account. Esperando na Janela Music Video: Bandeirante, Sunset, and Kingfisher Andrew Mercer.

She’s also talented in other styles, as you can see in the clip Magalenha where she performs alongside Bossa Nova legend, Sergio Mendes. He has ,usica up scholarships and training programs for many other Brazilian musicians, including the Salvador groups Olodum and Filhos do Gandhi Sons of Gandhi Music Video: Magalenha YouTube channel link.

He and his socially-aware music faced persecution and exile under Brazil’s military regime of the s and 70s – deis went onto international acclaim.

Filho Adotivo

Its an insane and frustrating aspect of how the music industry have decided to run their business. Now in her early 20s she’s a rising star on the Brazilian sertanejo music scene.

They both resided in the Pantanal town of Coxim before leaving to study in the State capital, Campo Grande. However, music download services, such as iTunes, can make it difficult to do this because of their region restrictions. This is Brazil’s answer musicaa Country music – which fits with the mzgoa traditionally rural culture.


Although it’s old-fashioned, doesn’t give you the opportunity to mix and match – and is problematic if traveling with an ultrabook or tablet lacking a CD drive. He’s one of the region’s and Brazil’s most respected musicians, and also has appeared as an actor in several television productions – including the series Pantanal.

Pantanal Escapes – Culture – Brazilian Music

Music One of the greatest pleasures of Brazil is its music, and the Pantanal is no exception. Set up a Brazilian iTunes account.

These acts also continued performing locally in shows and rodeos. From Goias originally, but the pair are frequent travellers into the Pantanal taking advantage of the region’s sport fishing. He’s also appeared as an actor in several popular Brazilian soap operas.

Sérgio Reis

They’ve achieved major successes in Brazil and internationally, with artists from Mato Grosso do Sul and the Pantanal region at the forefront. Imagine Ricky Martin mixed with a dash of a young Clint Eastwood and you get the idea.

Buy CDs as you travel. He’s one of the most promising stars of this genre – having already achieved a 1 in Brazil, in Magka on the Billboard Latin chartsGermany, France, and elsewhere in Music Downloads Exploring local music is a great way to learn about Pantaneiro and Brazilian culture, and downloading a few songs to your iPod may even help your Portuguese.


musica magoa de boiadeiro sergio reis

You can do this by purchasing a local iTunes gift card and setting up a Brazilian iTunes identity. Wildlife Birds Mammals Reptiles Fish.

If you want to purchase Brazilian music tracks but find you are musicq to, here are a few workarounds before you resort to piracy: Region restrictions mean that users with Brazilian iTunes accounts can see and purchase songs by these artists, whereas international users might see only a limited catalogue – or no music at all.

More Culture of the Pantanal: Now one of the highest earning music stars in Brazil. Many of the acts are duos often two brothers and include: This filtering is based on your country of registration, res origin of your linked credit card or iTunes boideiro card. Sater has travelled extensively through the Pantanal with other artists as part of the “Caravan of Hope”, researching and documenting about lives of the region’s residents. Other instruments used are the acoustic guitar serio in portugueseand the viola caipira which is a type of brazilian guitar using ten strings rather rather than the usual six.