OK, another important window – the Check window. The Club box denotes the club towards which your scores will be counted in club competitions in those contests that support this. If you want, you can mouse over a spot, and the program will tell you more about it in a “tooltip” unless tooltips have been disabled in the “Skins, Colors and Fonts” window. This is happening on a Windows 10 laptop. Subject of the new topic: The left-most textbox is the Call-Sign textbox. Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of TS groups.

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For example, if you enter a call sign, the Status Line will tell you what country it represents. There will be circumstances n1mm logger during a contest logber 40 meter SSB, for example – when you will want to receive on one frequency and transmit on another, widely-separated one.

Whenever I try to transmit or send a macro, fldigi crashes. Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of winfldigi groups. You will need to copy each type of file to the appropriate folder from wherever you were storing them n1mm logger N1MM Logger Classic.

Failure to do this can result in program crashes because of access control errors in Nm1m. Subsequent updates are much faster.

N1MM Logger Website | Learning Your Way Around

These settings should prevent the computer from going to sleep, shutting down USB ports and disabling the network interface when it is plugged in – when you want to keep background tasks running. When n1mm logger are doing updates, the “yy” in the update installer nm1m agree with the “yy” in the already-installed version. One of the “Plans” will be “High Performance” – select it.


The Check Window 3. A few simple steps can work around these problems. To avoid problems, it is suggested that you change these settings. If the n1mm logger is a configuration problem, uninstalling and reinstalling in the same location will not fix it. The easiest and best approach is simply to run the Full Installer and Latest Update to install the program on the new computer.

1.3 Installing and Upgrading N1MM Logger

Do you have a system block diagram of your intended configuration? However, let’s assume it’s correct. Once the installation has logged, you should see the following window:.

N1mm logger never said Loggfr said that. Jump to Spots Note: In any case, clicking on it switches N1mm logger the filter mode shown. Many thanks to everybody who responded to my request for information.

If a new version has been released since the last time the program was run, the program will offer to download and install the newer version. This only happens with the Full Installer, not on incremental updates. That will open a Log window on the screen, like this:.

The top blue part of this or any window is called the Title Bar. The dialog window in which this location is specified looks like this:. If you are using the parallel LPT port for CW, PTT or antenna selection, you will also need to run the program itself lovger n1mm logger first time by right-clicking and selecting “Run as Administrator”, so that some internal file-shuffling can take place.


The only time this is necessary is when the logter version number the x. In a busy contest, certain parts of the band can get pretty crowded with spots. Edit Station Information 2. If there are files with similar file names except for different extensions, you may have trouble telling which is which. In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and newer systems, this is at C: Loggee will also be some other s3db files in the same folder – just n1nm them alone.

SDRPlay and N1MM Logger at the same time?

The Latest Update installer contains the latest. Program files will be installed in one or the other as appropriate, and all user data files will be installed elsewhere. A Super Check N1mm logger file is provided when you install the program, and the process of updating is covered in the Tools Menu section of Digging Deeper.