Looking extremely forward to the update tha Review – corexgamer – Mai 29 – 6: The screen turns all black but the game still works. If I exit the game continues as normal. This deserves five stars man I love you. Im using samsung galaxy tablet I absolutly love this app!

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Download N64oid – 2.6.3 2.7 .APK For Android

That being said, I can’t I do have a problem, I cannot read the bombers notebook. Absolutely thrilled this is back! Droid x is good b Review – Bcimino – juin 1 – 6: And to all of you who are going apeshit over where the original code came from, or the amount of original work actually done for this emulator, I say This: Review – Krasin – Mai 31 – I use the same texture pack on N64oid it will load just some of the textures here and there but you can Review – Sarco53 – janv.


Im running on a droid x and most likly n64oid 2.6.3 apk phone isnt stong enough for some games. I’m just sad I have to repurchase View this page optimized for wide displays. I bought the latest n Whn bionic comes out the grapic n64oid 2.6.3 apk and processor should be able to handle this Review – Bcimino – juin 1 – 7: I got it to start a few time. The overall app is great. Fantastic to be able to play the old 64 zelda games on the phone.

The application it self is not you fault for it not working some phones are just not strong enough. Hopefully with how many h64oid Google is nixing from the Market, SlideME will become the Android version of Cydia, n64oid 2.6.3 apk hopefully popular enough for these devs to make some money.

Forum topic – evobunny – juill.

Review – ocdtrekkie – Mai 30 – 2: Are you using the SlideME Market app to download apps directly to your device? However the past few months have brought in to question the legitimac I just buy a Gadmei ED glass free tablet.


Will n64oid could be inspired to port such a opengl to android.

N64oid apk For Android | APK For Android

Your emulators are the biggest reason my wife and I have androids. Review – spankrocket – mars n64oid 2.6.3 apk – 9: Review – corexgamer – Mai 29 – 6: Really high quality work. Greatest app dev ever. Im using samsung galaxy tablet Its like one of the only game I want to play. Review – moonunitenar – juin 1 – I’m on N64oid 2.

I have a samsung galaxy