In Franco released yet another classic hit Bomba Bomba Mabe. Simarro released an album that featured the hit record Eau Benite , sung by Madilu, and another album Somo which included the records Marby composed by Josky, and Mort Viviant Somida composed by Madilu System. The quality of their music had improved to where they could challenge African Jazz for the position of Congo’s premier group. In Josky Kiambukuta Londa , a seasoned composer and vocalist joined the band. Mayaula Mayoni composed a song, Cheri Bondowe which was released in an album that also included Alimatou and Bisalela. The album sleeve carried a photograph of Franco who appeared emanciated, and obviously in ill-health.

ndaya franco

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Franco also released several albums with former nemesis Tabu Ley. A small fraction of the hundreds of records and albums released by TPOK Jazz during the thirty-seven and a half years of the band’s existence includes: In Franco released yet another classic hit Bomba Bomba Mabe.

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The band started to fall apart with the defection of Malage de Lugendo and Dizzy and Decca who returned to Kinshasa to pursue other opportunities. Democratic Franvo of the Congo portal. The band was releasing an average of four albums a year during this period.


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Sam Mangwana composed his hit Luka Mobali Moko around this time. Retrieved from ” https: Nndaya 10 January You are commenting using your Facebook account. This page was last edited on 7 Augustat He did not play much and when he did, could only manage about twenty minutes.

Josky released an album featuring the song Chandra.

ndaya franco

Baniel Bambo and Nana Akumu. Franco was grief-stricken and despondent and stopped playing music for some time. His departure from Afrisa was a huge loss and many Afrisa fans were unhappy.

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During that period, the band released an album Hommage A Luambo Makiadimade of songs recorded before Franco died. Retrieved 11 January The new technology included electric guitars, amplifiers and basses.

The song contains a song by solo guitarist Gerry Dialungana Mukungu and a song by bassist Decca Mpudi Ndaya whose first part is sung in lingala while the second part is sung in Kintandu which is a dialect of Kikongo that Decca speaks.

In this picture are guitarist Dizzy Madjeku, Thierry Mantuika Kobi and Gerry Dialungana, all capable of playing solo or mi-solo guitar Franco is pictured here with Matalanza Sax who was the band’s most prominent saxophonist of ndata s.


He came along with hornsman Empompo Loway.

ndaya franco

He owned Kinshasa’s four largest and most popular nightclubs, the biggest of which was Un-deux-trois. However he did not scale the heights of success that he had achieved while at Afrisa. Zitani Dalienst Ya Ntesa.

The family wanted more money. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ndaya franco

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He invested heavily in real estate in BelgiumFrance and in Zaire.

After a brief trial, he was convicted and sent to prison, along with other band members, who included Simaro Lutumba. Copyright Statement Selection of free web templates at this site. The group disbanded inbut reformed in A few months later, saxophonist Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta also left. This concert was in Eldoret town Franco’s most memorable stop in was in Kisumu where bdaya was well received a star crazed crowd. Nakondi oh, pinzoli na ndaja, nga nako lela ah I lost weight, tears in my eyes, looking for marriage.