Peaceful, preparing us for the onslaught. The second side is more of a straightforward affair ,with a harder sound of guitar! The second album for a band is often the most difficult because it is usually where they must decide whether to repeat the formula of the debut or take a risk and attempt to move in a new direction. A Tab In The Ocean is a fine album that easily holds its ground against other bands operating in the shadow of the giants. There are, in my view, three classic prog rock albums of all time: There’s an obvious cohesiveness between the guitar and keyboard tandem, with an attempt at shaping a concept through the album’s five tracks. As it stands, many of the good ideas lose some of their impact, and the result is a good, yet not great, album.

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A tab in the ocean is a mix of rock, psychedelic and a little bit of classical influences. Real gem for fans of progressive classics from s! End dry, with more I like.

The title track is an excellent epic, with a gentle start and a powerful finish, with much to entertain the listener in between. A very good album that should be in any prog collection, at least for the self titled suite, a monument to symphonic prog.

A Tab in the Ocean mirrors Nektar’s first album, but only to a certain degree.

A Tab in the Ocean

You’ll be on known ground automatically. I can see some Hawkwind fans digging this. Vocals are back before 13 minutes. What made this so interesting was how the label broke up each album into two parts respectively, the original recordings versus the newly remastered versions. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.


Probably the most related to space-rock although a bit jazzy during the intro. This is pretty straight-forward uptempo song with vocal melodies. The guitar 14 minutes in nektar a tab in the ocean like sunshine for me. The digipak CD comes with a booklet explaining oceann story behind the album, something I always really appreciate when I buy a CD of a band I know little about.

Unlike their emphatic opening statement, “Journey to the centre of the eye”, the band’s second album, “A tab in the tsb is ndktar a complete concept album.

I am expecting “Remember the Future” in the mail any day now and “Recycle” is on standby in my Amazon shopping cart.

The lyrics of this track are suitably psychedelic, with a ocea related undercurrent and imagery, along the lines of nektar a tab in the ocean in the sky with diamonds”. A nice record two side-long epicsa bit boring and predictable at times, but a real gem for ELOY lovers. I’m no music expert, b It contains a killer riff and wonderful bass lines, and is easily the most immediate of the three suites on the album, paying out on the first listen.

The title track could have been much better, given the decent melodies and song structure. Starting off, the title track is easily the best song on the album with some very strong melodies some great heavy organ work and some engaging vocal harmonies, this is one of the best sapce-rock epics there is and unfortunately it really overshadows everything else on the album.

It descends into a smooth spacey jam. The album plays like two extended pieces, emphasizing the ni guitar players with a bottom-heavy intensity that grabs hold of you like a rip-tide.


However, after my recent proto-metal excursions, I have come back to this album and given it a new ear and I find it a very enjoyable piece of work. A fan of the Maiden’s earlier material, I never heard them perform this song.

A Tab in the Ocean – Nektar | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

The album starts out with a title track, “A Tab In The Ocean”, which is based kcean an organ passage, very similar to what you can find on many Focus’ releases and some by early Genesis. Hey any band that puts a bong or waterpipe on their artwork was OK by me back in the day. The guitar section in Crying in the Dark has an incredible, face-melting build, and just when you think it’s over, Nektar kicks it up a notch for the killer King of Twilight.

The second side is occupied by four shorter tracks, paired together to make two longer ones. Also, I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but it seems that they really struggle to keep up the tempo in places–this should be much bouncier, but as it stands, there’s a lot of dragging going on. They use alot of keyboard techniques that are very nektar a tab in the ocean and VERY 60’s. The moderate complexity generated by its semi-epic structure allows this closure to end this album effectively.

The piece has a distinctly heavy feel, while nekhar well away from any metallic influences.