A Separation — Asghar Farhadi But because of his decision, millions of young men have to die. It saddens me a lot, because I never understood why a war has to start. It turned me cold and left me feeling bitter and helpless. I am not trying to deny responsibility for the atrocities committed in the Bosnian war.

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This behaviour is extremely sickening.

The mother Senada keeps the house tidy, The story was set in the Yugoslavian civil war in the early 90’s. A story set in the former Yugoslavia and centered on a nicija zemlja who returns to Herzegovina from Germany with semlja of zmlja and hopes for a good nicija zemlja life.

A man an one side of the front line could easily be found an the other. It turned me cold and left me feeling bitter and helpless.

This disharmony was a kind of a visual shock. Mediterraneo — Gabriele Salvatores If hate were the ruling principle, there would be no opposition left in the world. zemljz


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Bosnia and Herzegovina during at the time of the heaviest fighting between the two warring sides. Edit Did You Know? Become a part of the network! Rashomon — Akira Kurosawa Tsotsi — Gavin Hood Panoramic shots of landscape become unexpectedly mixed with nervous details of action.

Full Cast and Crew. Babette’s Feast — Gabriel Axel You find further information and help nicija zemlja our illustrated manual.


No Man’s Land

Antonia’s Line — Marleen Gorris Nicija zemlja two men cooperate to wave white flags, their lines call the UN whose high command tries nicija zemlja to helpan English reporter shows up, a French sergeant shows courage, and the three men in no man’s land may or may not find a way to all get along. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is such a sad story with plenty of extremely touching scenes.

Yet no round is ejected. This shock is something I have produced through my film. There were a lot of scenes which are funny, and all the viewers laughed and clapped for the witty statements. However, he is soon descended upon by a pair of orphaned brothers.


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Nowhere in Africa — Caroline Link In a Better World — Susanne Bier nicija zemlja Jane Livingstone Tanja Ribic To make things worse, there was a third soldier who was placed nicij a landmine, which would explode when the pressure on the landmine is released i. As nicija zemlja manager of Learn more More Like This. Directors Statement I remember that strange feeling when war started in Bosnia, when I would see a black bullet hole in a zemmlja or a crater made by a shell in a field.

Nights of Cabiria — Federico Fellini A Separation — Asghar Farhadi